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To Environment Caring Friends,

The government and the Airport Authority are now having a consultation on Hong Kong International Airport Master Plan 2030. Two options are proposed in the paper, 1) maintain the existing two-runway system with further enhancements; 2) build a third runway. The sales pitch for the proposal is the economic net present value (ENPV), estimated to be more than HK$400 billion for option 1 and HK$900 billion for option 2.

An oversight within the proposal is the costs to the environment, public health and society. How do you think it is possible to support or object to such a future-changing infrastructure project when evaluation of the environmental and public health impacts are left out?

The reason for the consultation is to disclose the cost effectiveness of the project to an informed public. Incomplete data disrespects the public’s right to know and distorts the process of a fair consultation.

Eight green groups, being Friends of the Earth(HK), GreenSense, The Conservancy Association, Green Power, Clean Air Network, Greeners-Action, Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society and Greenpeace, have issued a joint statement to demand the following:

1. Acknowledgement that the environmental impact of a third runway is huge and cannot be overlooked;
2. Provide additional information relating to the environmental and public health impacts, and extend the consultation period;
3. Maintain neutrality when promoting and consulting the public on the proposal. Avoid over-emphasizing the economic impact/benefits of the third runway;
4. Handle environmental issues properly even before the mandatory Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process.

The consultation period will come to an end on Sept 2. Please visit the following website to send your opinion letter to the Airport Authority to express your concern over the project’s environmental impact and request an extended consultation period.

All opinion letters will be individually sent to the Airport Authority.


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Thank you for your kind support!

Friends of the Earth (HK)