Supermarkets or Super-wasters

You can make a difference against this wasteful behavior

Everyday approximately 87 tonnes of food waste are disposed of by supermarket chain stores in Hong Kong.

One third of what the supermarkets consider to be food waste is fruit, vegetables, and unexpired bread. Supermarkets have even gone so far as to damage food packaging and soak items in water before their disposal, while they could have otherwise benefited low-income and grass-root citizens. To put this into perspective, the population of the poor in Hong Kong has reached 1.2 million people. In light of this, the behavior of supermarkets would seem selfish and insensitive to the needy.

To make matters worse, the other two thirds of food waste are not recycled and instead end up "feeding" our landfills. We wonder how supermarkets, as leaders in the retail industry, have done their part in being socially responsible. As a result, Friends of the Earth (HK) urges our supermarkets to carry out the following responsibilities:

   1. Donate food items that are still edible to food banks.
   2. Recycle food items that are no longer edible.

We believe that if individuals like you come together against this behavior of undue disposal of food, our supermarkets will change their wasteful behavior and become more socially conscience.

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