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Friends of the Earth (HK) “No Nukes, We Can” Unplug Concert

Hong Kong Government still embraces nuclear energy after the nuclear plant accident at Fukushima, but unwilling to admit that it is not necessary to rely on or import additional nuclear energy as long as the Government effectively advocates energy conservation.

The musician Joey Au shares the same view with FoE (HK) and believes that energy conservation should be the first priority. So we co-organized an Unplug Concert on 6th June at the Youth Square Y Theatre in Chai Wan. The concert not only raised funds for FoE (HK), but also promoted environmental protection message with joint efforts.

Many musicians including Yip Sai Wing, Joey Au, Candy Lo, Kolor, Ever, C-All Star, Supper Moment, Wong Chi Chun and Sai So, supported the concert by crossing over their music and environment protection. Though the concert was ended, we still believe “No Nukes, We Can”.

FoE (HK) keeps advocating energy conservation, the reason is straight-forward, without strengthening awareness and implementing in action, electricity will still be wasted even though the portion of comparatively “clean” energy is going to increase. However, in fact, over 70% of electricity supply in Hong Kong is generated by fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas at present, keep having greenhouse gas emissions every day. For many generations to come, we should start by conserving energy and having "Power Smart" attitude at all times. This is a sustainable strategy and a cost-effective solution.

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Live Videos of the Concert Review

Joey Au x Candy Lo x Sai So

Yip Sai Wing

Kolor x Ever


Theme Song

“No Nukes, We Can” Unplug Concert Theme Song