Objection to Importing Nuclear Energy

The government is currently consulting the public on “Hong Kong’s Climate Change Strategy and Action Agenda”. The consultation document suggests that Hong Kong should substantially increase the importing of nuclear energy from Guangdong, in order to increase its share of the energy supply to 50% in 2020 from 23% at present.

The planned increase in the importation of nuclear energy does not actually reduce the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) but rather shifts our GHG emissions on to mainland China. Guangdong province has been facing the lack of electricity and heavily relies on fossil fuel for generating electricity. Once Hong Kong increases the importation, Guangdong province would need to burn more fossil fuel to generate electricity in order to compensate for the increased electricity that is exported. Furthermore, nuclear power is not sustainable, the increase in demand will also magnify the nuclear risk, and it is totally unacceptable.

Friends of the Earth (HK), World Wide Fund (WWF-HK) and Greenpeace point out that, if the government implements an effective energy-saving policy, there is no need for Hong Kong to increase the importation of nuclear energy. Hence, we cordially invite you to sign the petition objecting to the government plan to increase the importation of nuclear energy, and instead urge the government to implement an effective energy-saving policy. The consultation period will end on 10 December 2010, please join us by signing the petition to reflect your discontent and views!

Online action in response to “Hong Kong’s Climate Change Strategy and Action Agenda”

Thank you for your kind support!

Friends of the Earth (HK)