Do we have to wait for another quarter of a century? Renew AQOs Before 2012



Dear public,

Don’t you find Hong Kong’s air choking?

We’ve been using the dated Air Quality Objectives (AQOs) for almost quarter of a century, which tells us nothing of the air we breathe.

The Chief Executive told us he would renew the AQOs by the end of the year in May. We’ve heard that he does not mean it.

Haven’t we paid dearly with our own health for the dated AQOs? Will it take another quarter of a century for a breath of clean air?

Please join our petition to the government. Put you name at the following website for these requests:

- Update the current AQO according to WHO’s recommended standards to protect public health
- Regulate PM2.5
- Have regular review mechanism

Your signatures will be advertised with a joint statement by Friends of the Earth (HK) and Clean Air Network for immediate renewal of AQOs.

Yours truly,

Friends of the Earth (HK)

Online Signature

For information on air pollution, please visit here:, 7, 26, 2453

Frineds of the Earth (HK)