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Objective and Background

Friends of the Earth (HK) recommends a Producer Responsibility Scheme because the money used to process waste comes from the public. We want producers to shoulder their share of environmental responsibility for waste, and they should take back used products along with using simpler packaging.

Our assessment of government data revealed that the amount of packaging waste to be covered by the bill comprises around 20% of the daily municipal solid waste and that annually HKD$ 40 million is spent by the government to treat the waste of the polluters.

Further action will require for your continued support.

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  • Advocate for a Producer Responsibility Scheme (PRS) Bill that ensures that all producers are mandated to take back and dispose of properly all of the waste they create;


  • Have waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), particularly hazardous electronic waste, properly dismantled with correct oversight;


  • Lobbying for a full plastic bag levy;


  • Supporting PRS legislation on Packaging Waste and Beverage Containers.



  • In 2007, the first phase of the plastic bag levy scheme was implemented by HK Government;


  • In 2010, HK Government took small the step towards implementing producer responsibility by proposing legislation that would cover waste electric and electronic equipment;


  • In 2011, the plastic bag levy extension was proposed by the HK Government to all retailers.

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