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Objective and Background

Since 2010 Friends of the Earth (HK) has been recommending "Food Waste Reduction Programs" to encourage consumers to actively tackle the problem at source. This is a winning solution when combined with food waste recycling. Hong Kong is famous for being a "Gourmet Paradise" though she also is the "Champ of the Gourmet Waste"! Food waste produced per capita in Hong Kong exceeds that of Korea by 56% and Taiwan by 38%.

Participate and donate

Order only the amount of food that you will be able to eat;

Take your own reusable containers to restaurants to take home any leftovers for later consumption.

Further action will require for your continued support.




  • We urge the public to order only enough and to bring along re-useable takeaway boxes to take any leftovers home for later consumption;


  • For host of corporate banquets, order only six main dishes or the appropriate proportion according to the number of guests.



  • Saved 2,326 corporate banquet tables of food waste in 2011.


  • 52% of the public in our 2012 survey agreed to a waste charging policy.


  • Public supported our Food Waste Campaign by sending more than 5000 petitions to wasteful supermarkets in 4 weeks!


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