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Objective and Background

The AQOs have become a serious health threat to the public. The pollutant PM2.5 when breathed directly into your lungs causes serious respiratory diseases. Hong Kong is placed in the last eight cities among 566 global cities ranked by the World Health Organization (WHO). In 2012, the Hong Kong government announced that it would finally update the AQO but they would not be implemented until 2014. Professor Anthony Headley formerly of Hong Kong University said that all of the government's new proposed AQO limits will not provide protection to public health.




  • Send letters to the Hong Kong government urging them to update the AQO immediately and then to implement and enforce it strictly.


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Further action will require for your continued support.




  • Campaign for the most stringent Air Quality guidelines, and for their immediate implementation and enforcement.



  • The Hong Kong Government announced the update to the AQO in 2012, partially in response to green groups organizing a massive campaign.

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