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Objective and Background


The Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) plans to expand its runway. One of the biggest concerns of Friends of the Earth (HK) is that AA projects that with a third runway operational, the air pollution levels will go up by 50%, posing a health threat to people. Friends of the Earth (HK) urge the AA to conduct a thorough assessment including a health impact assessment and a social cost assessment.



  • Send a letter to the Hong Kong government to update and implement now the new AQO so it can be used in the new assessment of the 3rd runway project ;


  • Support us by donation.

Further action will require for your continued support.




  • Have a new completely comprehensive assessment of the proposed 3rd runway with it including climate impacts, air quality assessments using the new AQO, health impacts and social costs.



  • Rather unexpectedly, the Environmental Protection Department accepted our recommendations to demand HKAA to include health impact assessment in the study brief of the Environmental Impact Assessment.


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