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Objective and Background

Friends of the Earth (HK)’s “Reduce waste 6,000 tonnes” campaign is based on the fact that even with the recycling rate at nearly 50%, 9,000 tonnes of waste still needs to be dealt with everyday. The campaign aims at reducing future waste by 6,000 tonnes per day so that ten years from now, only be about 3,000 tonnes will require some form of treatment like incineration. We are still in the process of making this aspiration come true.

Further action will require for your continued support.




  • Government implements a comprehensive waste charging scheme;


  • Increase food recycling through supporting food banks;


  • Landfill bans and waste charging on food items to become legislation;


  • A Producer Responsibility Scheme implemented by Government.



  • Through lobbying the Environment Bureau they announced in January 2011 the "comprehensive waste management strategy and action plan";


  • A Food Waste recycling pilot scheme has been launched by the Government;


  • Pressure by NGOs resulted in the 2012 Incinerator plans by the Environment Bureau being rejected by Legco.



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