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Objective and Background

Friends of the Earth (HK)’s “Green Consumption campaign” started in 2004 following a survey of the general public where 86% said they bought things that they did not really need. This comes from an economy driven by mass consumerism which leads to lots of waste.

The developed world represents only 20% of the global population but consumes 80% of the earth’s total natural resources. This consumption is seen as a personal choice and responsibility does not come into it. Consumers and manufacturers are both waste generators who should be made aware of their respective environmental responsibilities with a two-pronged strategy that advocates the changes on both fronts.

Green Consumption is thus an ongoing campaign that advocates sustainable consumer behavior and reflections on the “I shop therefore I am” materialism.


Recycle your old clothes through the network of Clothes Recycling Bins;

Abstain from impulsive shopping;

Take your own reusable chopsticks to restaurants.

Further action will require for your continued support.




  • Encourage green consumption behavior toward an environmentally sustainable world;


  • Persuade the general public to boycott producers who aren’t responsible with their products and waste;


  • Build support for a producer responsibility scheme.



  • Launched Moonkick Action, and green festival campaigns to mobilize the public to purchase simple-packaged festive gifts;
  • Called for public support for reusable chopsticks in 2008, 12 out of 140 Japanese restaurants yielded to the public pressure and replaced disposable chopsticks with washable plastic ones.


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