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Objective and Background

Friends of the Earth (HK)’s “Conscientious Recycling” program was started because the government was not doing enough on the electronic recycling front. Regulation was lacking especially in terms of how dangerous electronic chemicals and other waste needed to be handled carefully and properly. Though Hong Kong was supposed to have a bill on this by 2007, it did not become legislation until 2010. Friends of the Earth (HK)’s Conscientious Recycling program will continue to help people, businesses and organizations who want to recycling their electronic waste properly by putting them in touch with groups that will take and dismantle waste properly.


Encourage your organization or housing estate to join the Conscientious Recycling Charter;

Take your old electronic items to designated recycling areas.

Further action will require for your continued support.

Read our Newsroom Items for further information.




  • Bring to the attention of Government improper and unmonitored waste transfer pathways which may lead to hazardous e-waste poisoning of people and the environment;


  • To provide convenient collection centres/points for the public to give back their electronic waste;


  • To encourage reuse of e-appliances by donating them to the needy;


  • Lobbying Government to establish a proper recycling system for electronic waste.



  • After 2 years the participants have recycled nearly 19,000 pieces of e-waste that have been handed over to EPD verified recyclers;


  • By 2011, we had more than 600 housing estates and units participating in the scheme.


  • In 2010 we started the “Conscientious Recycling” scheme.


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