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Objective and Background

Friends of the Earth (HK) created “E-led life” because of the large numbers of electronics that are being purchased in Hong Kong and seeks to encourage people to not purchase as many unnecessary electronic items so as to help the environment.

Beginning in 2009, E-led focused on trying to raise levels of awareness on whether people control electronics or whether electronics control people. Through encouraging people to purchase electronics in a reasonable and rational manner we will help to reduce the amount of electronic waste created each day.

Your participation


  • Think twice before you buy any electrical appliances, do not follow the trend turning a blind eye.
  • Recycle old electrical appliances or e-wastes through different channels

Further action will require for your continued support.

Read our Newsroom Items for further information.




  • Press for the HK Government to introduce legislation to cover product responsibility in terms of electronic products;


  • Facilitate the establishment of reliable and easy channels for the public to have electronic products properly recycled.



  • Speed up the government progress towards implementing WEEE legislation through the consultation process;


  • Exposed and highlighted the issue of Electronic Waste through traditional media channels.

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