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Objective and Background

Friends of the Earth (HK) has been running the Power Smart Energy Saving Contest.

Hong Kong is still relying on fossil fuel for 62% of its total electricity generation, and it is one of the main sources of local greenhouse gases. With the adjustments of the fuel-mix ratio in the future, the tariff increase trend will continue. FoE (HK) believes that energy conservation can outrun the increase of electricity tariffs. Results from Power Smart 2013 showed that if all Hong Kong electricity uses made the same level of savings as the participants then we could return our consumption levels to that of 2005 (A 7.8% reduction from current levels)

FoE (HK) strongly believes that energy saving not only helps alleviate global climate change and lessens air pollution problems, it is also the most cost effective solution.

Participate and donate

Take part in our Power Smart Energy Saving Contest and encourage others to do the same.
Practice energy saving measures in your home and work place and encourage others to do the same.

Further action will require for your continued support.

Read our Newsroom Items for further information.




  • To encourage the private sector and individual households to establish good energy conserving habits in order to reduce the environmental impacts arising from wasteful use of energy.


  • To demonstrate to the government and the public that the public can actively review and optimize energy efficiency with power smart attitudes.



  • Since the launch of Power Smart contest in 2006, it has accumulatively saved close to 200 million kWh (199,167,075) of electricity saving, equal to avoid 139,417 tonnes of CO2 emissions for the last seven summers, more than 17,000 participating units;


  • The highest savings achieved by household, company and property management groups in 2013 were 96.4%, 30.6% and 43.85%, the average accomplished by the three groups being 24%, 4.5% and 9.5%.


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