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Objective and Background

The Dim It campaign, initiated in 2008, is more than an energy conservation campaign.

The main aim is not to prohibit light usage per se, but to focus on light nuisance and energy wastage. It also aims at encouraging the public to reflect on their profligate way of living as well as their blind worshiping of extravagant spending upon which Hong Kong was famed as the "Pearl of the Orient".

Hong Kong currently does not have any laws to regulate light pollution. The campaign therefore urges the government to execute statutory control on light pollution.

Participate and donate

Ask your Office Building management to turn off unnecessary lighting at night, especially after midnight and to join the “Dim It Charter”;

Ask your Housing Estate management to turn off unnecessary lighting at night, especially after midnight;

Report what you consider to be light pollution to EPD

Light your flats wisely, avoid installing too many lights and remember to switch off lights after use.

Further action will require for your continued support.




  • Arouse public concern over light pollution;


  • To urge enterprises to moderate their use of lights, and through the "Dim-It Charter”, reduce energy waste and to minimize the nuisance of light pollution to the community.


  • To promote government legislation to control light pollution and light nuisance.



  • In 2011, a Taskforce on External Lighting was set up, and was tasked with drafting guidelines on lighting for the public to comply;


  • In 2009, we launched the “Dim It Charter” which calls for enterprises to turn off advertising lights and decorative lights at midnight. To date a total of more than 40 enterprises with more than 3000 buildings are participating.


  • In 2009, the 6.21 lights-out event provided a chance for citizens to relive long-lost stargazing memories. More than 3,500 buildings and organizations switched their lights off for two hours. Up to 100 telescopes were placed along the Avenue of Stars to turn the Tsimshatsui promenade into the biggest star station. The event attracted 30,000 to 50,000 people.


  • Released the "Haunted Central?" video in 2009. A satire against the absurdity of lighting in the middle of the night. It has been viewed more than 300,000 times which is a record for local environmental group videos;


  • On the night of 21st June 2008, summer solstice, in conjunction with more than 70 cities in Asia, we launched the first large-scale lights-out activity in Hong Kong with more than 140 local landmarks participating;


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