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Objective and Background

Hong Kong gets its power supply mostly from fossil fuels and nuclear power, with only a very small percentage from renewable energy. One of the reasons why the Hong Kong government believes it needs to increase the use of nuclear power from 23% to 50% of the fuel mix is because of its overestimated projection of our future energy needs and desires. The current Scheme of Control agreement with the two electricity companies encourages their investment in capital and promotes the use of electricity.

Friends of the Earth (HK)’s view is that if the right steps are taken in the management of our energy demand and being more energy efficient, we can meet our needs without jeopardizing ourselves and our future generations.

Participate and donate


  • Send a letter to the government to set aggressive energy efficiency targets with incentives and penalties for the two power companies to achieve these targets.

Further action will require for your continued support.




  • Advocate progressive reform of the Scheme of Control agreement with the two electricity companies. We want to see that when more power is consumed the more the users pay.


  • We require more transparency and public engagement in electricity related policy. Our HK Government should act in the interest of HK people.



  • In 2007, in conjunction with other environmental groups we urged the Government to include in the new Scheme of Control Agreement terms to promote energy efficiency and the development of renewable energy;


  • In 2006, we convinced real estate developers to reward buyers of properties with electrical appliances that have high electrical energy efficiency ratings;


  • In 2003, we published a wind energy study report titled Wind Energy Study which proved that Hong Kong has enough wind resources to warrant wind power generation.

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