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• Help preserve water by using water with restraint;
• Share stories of Dongjiang to your friends;
• Help us Plant a Tree
• Become a Son of Dongjiang




We believe More than 70% of Hong Kong’s drinking water comes from Dongjiang. We believe equality, rights and responsibilities of the river should be shared by all stakeholders, and Hong Kong should contribute more to the river’s sustainability. It is an objective that requires the cooperation of the public and the governments along the river.

Mission of FoE in Dongjiang Basin


“Be vigilant in safe time; be grateful for your water. Sharing the resources, bearing the responsibility.”


From a heart to give back to HK’s water source - DOngjiang, FoE initiated the “Dongjiang Upstream – Downstream Partnership Program” in 2008. Through establishing a platform for public participation, collaboration and communication among stakeholders from different region of Dongjiang Basin, FoE aims to conserve the soil, water and biodiversity of Dongjiang headstream region as well as helping the local farmers and villages in the region to have a sustainable living; showcasing the need and feasibility of practicing environmental justice and eco-compensation.


Where do we work


The source of Dongjiang:

Southern side of Mt Yajibo, Dongjiang Source Village, Sanbiao Town, Xunwu County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province.


What do we do


•Tackle 3 vices: rubbish, pesticides and excrement.

•Do 5 goods: afforestation, rural toilet retrofit, solid waste management, maintain the path to Dongjiang Source and provide environmental education .


Our achievements


•Until 2015, we have planted around 16 thousands trees in Dongjiang headstream region – Xunwu, covering around 83 ha of land. This will absorb 470 tones CO2 annually, offsetting the annually carbon emission of 78 Hong Kong people.

•Rallying over 233 youth adults from Hong Kong, Guangdong and Jiangxi to participate in volunteer trips to Dongjiang Source Village and to learn and practice water conservation.

•Help to build 60 eco-toilets with septic tank in Dongjiang Source Village to reduce water pollution.

•Clear rubbish in the river and reduce blockage.


Long term mission


•Establish a platform for public participation, collaboration and communication for stakeholder of Dongjiang Basin and host Dongjiang Forum regularly.

•Advocate “private-public partnership” in Dongjiang Basin and cross border, corss sector collaboration.

•To lead and inspire youth to participate in water conservation, environmental justice and eco-compensation.




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