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Objective and Background

Villagers living at the headstream village constantly live in the shadow of poverty because the water conservation policy has meant that they can only grow fruit (in particular oranges) and vegetables for income as they are not allowed to raise animals for more than personal consumption. The ecosystem at the river source is delicate and susceptible to the impact of human activities.Striking a balance between man and nature in the livelihood of villagers at the river source has been the main objective of this Friends of the Earth (HK) project.Eco-toilets,environmental education, exploring solutions to the environmental problems have been the mainstay of our work. We have been trying to stop the use of pesticides in farming and steer the farmers down the road of eco-farming. We hope our work at the river source can draw more attention to the area for the protection of the environment.


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  • Work closely with over 100 peasant families at the headstream village and help them make a living without sacrificing the ecosystem.



  • 25 eco-toilets had been built by the end of 2011.


  • In the past four years, ten university students have each taught for a period of more than three months at the Dongjiang Headstream Primary School and more than 300 volunteers taught for a shorter period. A total of 100 primary students have benefited from this;


  • The project has awarded environmental scholarships to 80 primary students studying at the Dongjiang Headstream Primary School to acknowledge their dedication to environmental learning.


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