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Objective and Background


The Dongjiang River is 562 km long (Jiangxi-Guangdong) and provides drinking water to more than 40 million people living in Guangdong , Shengzen, Dongguan and Hong Kong. 75% of the water in Hong Kong is sourfrom the Dongjiang River.


The area along Dongjiang has been heavily deforested and exploited in the past decades; some of the woodlands are lost due to fire and bacterial infection. Deforestation in turn posted an adverse effect on the ecosystem. Under a 30-year forest land use agreement, villagers will give their land for reforestation and participate in tree planting; earning extra income. Tree planting will improve local environment and the water quality in rural communities. It will also revitalize the abandoned land and improve soil quality. Villagers can conduct limited logging in the plantation after 15 years and have a sustainable livelihood. 

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The slope at our village was getting deserted as villagers logged excessively for building materials in the 1970-80s. The situation was worsen after a fire several years ago. Thanks to Friends of the Earth’s effort, we are seeing our village surrounded by greenery again and we took part in tree planting activities during the off-season of production. We are benefited from the extra income and having cleaner source of water. Now I patrol in the forest once or twice a month. If I find any trees being cut down or damaged, I will need to report. We, together with the people living in the downstream area, are reliant on the river. We share the responsibility in protecting the water source and the environment. I am responsible for making the water cleaner and better for people in Hong Kong .


Huang Xiyong  Forest Guard, Huang Tin Village


We need your support and donatoin to further our work! 





  • Plant at least 10,000 trees every year in the Dongjiang river source region;
  • Help caring citizens to actualize their green wishes through adopting trees to protect the Dongjiang Headstream;
  • Help caring corporations to plant a company forest.



  • Reforested 1213 acres of land since 2009;
  • Planted around 160,000 trees;
  • 369 local villages were benefited economically and over 233 youth adults from Hong Kong, Guangdong and Jiangxi to participate in volunteer trips to Dongjiang Source Village and to learn and practice water conservation; 



  • You can help us to plant a tree at the Dongjiang headstream with a donation of only HK$100, please click here.





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