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The Trees ž COOLiving campaign aims to bring the public together   to promote sustainable development among communities and nature through supporting reforestation and tree conservation projects of Friends of the Earth(HK) (FoE (HK)).

Trees are good for ecological and socio-eco aspects: trees help to clean water, filter air, regulate climate and store carbon dioxide. Trees also help to reverse the impacts of land degradation, providing food, energy as well as income. All these translate to a better living for all.


Establish low-carbon lifestyle

Plant for our green future


Since 1993, Friends of the Earth (Hong Kong) has planted 160 hectares of afforestation and planted 670,000 trees in both China and Hong Kong. These trees absorb 16,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, which is equivalent to the volume of 2,700 double-decker buses.

We aim at planting 80,000 more trees to achieve the target of planting 200, 000 trees by 2018 in Dongjiang source area, We intend to get more people and enterprises who share our vision to involve in the conservation of the natural environment.


We will plant one tree for every HK$100 you donate!


Please support Trees ž COOLiving to plant trees, sow into the well-being of the environment and also the well-being of people living in Dongjiang Basin and Hong Kong.






Your Support

Climate change is a worldwide issue. But if we all work together, we can make a difference. Join us at the Friends of the Earth (HK), Plant for Better Living!



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