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Objective and Background

Young people in colleges are the hope of our future. A few of them may choose to develop their career in the green field, and plenty of them will soon enter industry or become local administrators. Our objective is to cultivate environmental responsibility among youth. We hope our audience, after graduation, will do their jobs with a green-caring heart.


Keep an eye on our event notices and attend the forum;

Become our volunteer to help on the event day.

Become a volunteer to help on the event day;

Become one of the speakers to share your green deeds and your green thoughts;

Become our corporate partner to support our youth Green Pathfinder Forums.

Further action will require for your continued support.




  • To host at least 10 forums each year for college and university students of Guangdong with speakers from environmental NGOs and academia, and to have at least 270 audience at each forum;


  • Share the information provided at each forum so as to benefit more youth;


  • To have a student society help run each forum under the necessary guidance and training, so as to provide student society capacity building opportunities.



  • Since its launch in 2007, 50 seminars have been organized drawing more than 2700 college and university students to the events.

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