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Objective and Background

Only 2.5% of the water on the planet is fresh water (the rest is salt water), and only 0.5% of that global fresh water resource is accessible to us. The Water crisis is one of the environmental challenges facing the planet and China’s shortage of water is formidable. Friends of the Earth (HK) uses World Water Day to focus the call for attention to the severity of water crisis. We also organize a “Water Detective” activity to mobilize the youth in the Pearl River Delta to investigate water wastage in schools and communities.


Keep an eye on our updates about World Water Day and raise awareness amongst your friends;

Become our volunteer to help on the event day.

Further action will require for your continued support.





  • To communicate water information to the public in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta area;


  • To urge youth to be aware of the water crisis and to undertake initiatives to assist their community to save water.



  • “Water Detective” activities in 2009 and 2010 mobilized 500 youth from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Fuzhou and Xiamen;


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