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Our achievements and impacts over 30 years are summarized through these milestones


1989 Launched Hong Kong's first ever public campaign to promote urban health, a territory-wide "We Care About Clean Air!" campaign.

The campaign won support from students. The secondary school students took part in noting the car plates of smoky vehicles, "Smoke Check Hour". The kindergartens participated in "Teddy Bear Clean Air Picnics".

1988 Launched One Earth quarterly.


1988 Began first funded project, "An Investigation into Lead Poisoning in Hong Kong Children", and extended into examining lead in paint, toys and herbal medicines.

Based on our research findings, FoE (HK) criticized the proposed Toys and Children's Products Safety Bill for ignoring children's health and safety. The government withdrew the bill for further review the day we submitted the research studies.

1988 Submitted formal objections to the government's Outline Zoning Plan for the Stanley area, and launched 'Save Stanley" campaign to protect Ma Hang, Stanley and Chung Hom Kok from further development.

1990 The plan was re-gazetted and modifications made affecting a smaller area after FoE (HK)'s persistent objection.


1986 Our volunteers formed a Rainforest Action Group to educate the public and the construction industries on alternatives to rainforest timber and the critical role of rainforests in world biodiversity.


1983 Organized a nuclear debate which attracted more than 700 people to attend in the evening of mid-autumn festival.


1983 Established in Hong Kong




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