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Our achievements and impacts over 30 years are summarized through these milestones


1999 The government relented under FoE (HK)’s lobbying and started an independent review of the Strategic Sewage Disposal Scheme (SSDS). The review panel questioned the fundamental methodology and viability of the scheme and recommended scrapping the original proposal for a centralized engineering solution in favour of distributed localized treatment.

1999 Co-organized with LazerMax (HK) Ltd to run a printer cartridge recycling programme.

1999 Tai Ho Wan Victory
The government revised the Tai Ho New Town Development plan and withdrew the plan to reclaim Tai Ho Wan after one year's lobbying by FoE (HK).

1999 The government relented under FoE (HK)’s lobbying and started an independent review of the Strategic Sewage Disposal Scheme (SSDS). The review panel questioned the fundamental methodology and viability of the scheme and recommended scrapping the original proposal for a centralized engineering solution in favour of distributed localized treatment.


1997 Organized the first Stop Idling Engines campaign in Hong Kong on World Environment Day

1997 Promoted Recycling for Good in 77 schools to raise funds to help build environmental primary schools in Jiangxi and develop recycling schemes in Hong Kong and China.


1997 Finished Agenda 2047, a comprehensive research into the sustainable development of Hong Kong and recommended alternatives to the Territorial Development Strategy Review. The issues covered include: population, energy, water, waste, food, transport and biodiversity.


1997 Initiated renewable energy campaign, "take the heat off the planet", by staging a demonstration at the World Bank IMF Conference calling for the use of renewable energy. The action was preceded by an internet signature campaign addressing the Climate Change Conference in Kyoto, and a request to the administration for a review of the Scheme of Control regulating the power utilities.

1997 Formed a Consumer Action Group to campaign against the proliferation of plastic carrier bags from supermarkets.

The Retail Management Association, the Environmental Protection Department and the Consumer Council formed a working group to find solutions to the problem.


1997 We formed an Air Action Group to press the administration to adopt the unleaded –petrol switch as a first step to clean air.


1996 Launched the Earth Awards with the China Forum of Environmental Journalists, which becomes an annual event to acknowledge the achievements of mainland environmentalists.

The Earth Award Environmental Capacity Building team travelled to 12 provinces and major cities in China, covering a total distance of 20,000 miles, and reached a population of more than 60,000 students, teachers, women, cadres and NGO workers. It helps propelled the development of environmental awareness and sustainable development in mainland China.

1996 Released our energy policy report, Power Without Policy, which reviewed the Scheme of Control and called for use of renewable energy.

The Executive Council relented and considered asking China Light and Power to postpone the installation of the 4th generation unit.


1996 Joined other forces to demand the US Government stop dumping contaminated wastes in Asia.

1996 Published Coastal Guide Series to promote and protect Hong Kong's unique coastal heritage.


1996 FoE made a complaint to the Legislative Council on the slow progress to set up a dolphin sanctuary.

In Nov, the Sha Chau and Lung Kwu Chau Marine Park was declared sanctuary for the protection of the dolphins.

1995 Helped organize a Regional Environmental Seminar and Workshop, topics included sustainable development and environmental education. A copy of the proceedings was presented at the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements, Habitat II, in June 1996.

1995 Planting of trees and mangroves.


1995 Started Green Christmas to protect forest and reduce paper production.

Planted a total of 367,770 trees and mangroves over a area of 48 hectares of land, and captured 3,600 tonnes of carbon dioxides.


1995-1996 Protested against France's plans to resume nuclear testing in the South Pacific and handed in 50,000 signatures to the New China News Agency, the French Consulate and representatives of other nuclear countries with other green groups.


1995 Launched large-scale Adopt-a-Housing-Estate project to introduce household recycling and waste reduction and energy conservation.

Launched the pilot scheme at the 22,000-resident Hau Tak Estate in Tseung Kwan O.


1994 Organized the first Green World Expo in Hong Kong at HKCEC. The event drew over 150 local and overseas exhibitors and more than 80,000 visitors.


1994 Promote 3Rs and install "waste-for-goodies" recycling counters on Sunday mornings to encourage the public to bring along plastic bottles, used papers and aluminum cans in exchange for bags and necessities in designated areas.

1994 FoE (HK) filed a complaint to the Ombudsman about major developments in Tai Lam Country Park, namely Route 3, the Towngas pipeline and China Light and Power's high voltage power lines.

The Ombudsman released the results of their investigation in 1996, substantiated FoE (HK)'s complaint that there had been inadequate consultation. He also criticized the government for leaving the consultation of two private projects in the hands of the project proponents when the impacts on the environment were a matter of public concern.

1993 Launched Plant for the Earth project to rehabilitate burnt or degraded countryside areas to create woodlands for the enhancement of country parks and to absorb carbon dioxide to mitigate global warming.


1993 Launched Sort & Recycle project to introduce 3-colour waste recycling bins in a public estate.

1993 Launched Project Green Hope, a Hong Kong-China environmental exchange programme, to create a platform for information and experience exchange among students, teachers and volunteers.

A total of more than 405,370 participants from the mainland and Hong Kong.


1993 Protested against the large-scale reclamation of Victoria Harbour and the Lantau Port Development project.

The government finally said they would review the need for future proposed reclamations.


1992 Submitted a paper of more than 30 pages demanding the government to have comprehensive environmental protection policies covering areas of pollution control, land protection, energy use and education etc.

LegCo approved the motion demanding the executive council to formulate relevant holistic environmental policies.


1991-1996 Won a five-year court victory to halt the private development of a golf course at Sha Lo Tung

Precipitated a rethinking of traditional development mentality.

Early 90s Led the debate on the sewage strategy.

It resulted in the appointment of independent consultants and a panel of international experts to review the plans.

1992 Defeated government plans for the dredging of Mirs Bay


1992 Introduced Annual International Coastal Clean-up Day at Stanley Beach


1991 The Rainforest Action Group pursued local company City Resources (later renamed Axiom) over its proposals to log vast areas of Fiji and the Solomon Islands. An international SOS was sent out to other green groups to solicit support.

The company was suspended from the Hong Kong stock exchange pending investigations by financial authorities.

1990 Launched forest buying campaign to call for the public to buy acres of Belize rainforest at $500 eac acre to save them from destruction.

More than 600 acres were saved.


1990 Organized a flotilla of boats to tour Victoria Harbour to protest the government's delay in declaring the harbor a Water Control Zone, as promised in the 1989 White Paper on Pollution.

1990 Launched Shell Better Environment Awards Scheme to encourage public environmental participation.

Many schools and NGOs have received small grants from the Scheme to launch their various green projects to raise public environmental awareness and encourage actions.




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