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Our achievements and impacts over 30 years are summarized through these milestones


2009 Launched Hong Kong’s first ”Baby Stroller March”, in the hope that the Chief Executive Donald Tsang would strive to set out a timetable to achieve the World Health Organization’s AQG in the remaining 2.5 years of his service term, so as to ensure future generations would be able to breathe fresh air.

2009 Launched Hong Kong’s first Starry Night Low Carbon Charity Dinner, which let guests enjoy a lovely low carbon meal and low food miles while dining underneath the starry sky with lights turned off.

2009 Started the Tuen Mun Reforestation Scheme which is a 4 year reforestation project to mobilize government, corporate and community sectors for the greening of the blazed Tuen Mun Trail.

2009 Kicked off “Dongjiang Volunteer Action”, which organized student volunteers from Hong Kong, Guangdong and Jiangxi to visit Dongjiang river source during their holidays and infused the village with fresh vitality through tree eco-visits, household surveys, training and teaching.


2008 Jointly promoted Sunflower Project with Shaanxi Mothers for Environmental Protection Association to retrofit pigsties and toilets to provide biogas stoves for 259 households.

The project benefited 1,060 villages and trained 1,107 peasants.

Over the four years of its operation, the project raised $1.61 millions to help install biogas facilities in 29 villages of 11 counties in northern, central and southern Shaanxi province. And the project reduced 3,132 tonnes of coal use, equivalent to 313,200 kWh of electricity; and spared felling of 3,400 acres of trees. The 62,640 tonnes of biogas residue produced were used as substitutes for hazardous pesticides and chemical fertilizers, contributing to a saving of RMB 939,600 and RMB 313,200 respectively in pesticide and fertilizer use.


2008 Initiated No More Disposable Chopsticks campaign to reduce the use of disposable chopsticks.

Successfully have 140 Japanese restaurants stopped using disposable chopsticks.

2008 Organized Dim It campaign with the publication of a book, home visits and light tours to lobby for the regulation of light pollution. A Dim It – Lights Out event was organized to advocate dimming of neon signs.

The Chief Executive promised to consider regulating light pollution in the Policy Address 2008-09. -The Highways Department promised to reduce wall-mounted street lights within one year.

Over 140 local landmark buildings and 70 Asian cities participated Dim It – Lights Out.


2008 Started River Partner Upstream Downstream Partnership project to conserve water at the source of Dongjiang.

2007 Initiated the Green Packaging Design Award Scheme to offer a community platform for the ideas of eco-packaging and green marketing during mid-autumn festival. To inspire manufacturers, customers, designers as well as the government to take practical action to reduce packaging waste.

EPD launched the Voluntary Agreement on the Management of Mooncake Packaging in September 2008.


2007 Released Current Air Pollution Index (CAPI) to provide hourly air pollution index to the public.

2006 Called on the government to legislate producer responsibility bill and implement charging schemes on electronic waste and plastic bags.

2006 Launched the first annual energy saving contest, Power Smart, in summer.

Up to 163 households and schools participated and saved a total of 500,000kWh of electricity.

-Since its launch in 2006, the contest has accumulated more than ninety million (90,560,790) kWh of electricity savings, plus reduced the emissions of over sixty thousand (63,558) tonnes of carbon dioxide up to 2011.


2006 Hosted Lights Out Hong Kong in a concerted efforts with other local green groups to save energy.

2006 Launched a one-person-one-letter internet campaign during the consultation on the Future Development of the Electricity Market to demand emphasis on environmental protection, capping pollution emissions and adopting renewable energy for the renewal of Scheme of Control Agreements with the two power plants.

Received a total 8,500 public letters for the submission to the government.


2006 Urged the government to review Air Quality Objectives and adopt the latest standards by WHO including the monitoring of PM2.5, the micro respirable particulates.

2005 Collaborated with the FHED to carry out an EPS recycling pilot scheme through some refuse collection points.

The first two-month trial scheme collected 4,279kg of EPS waste, equivalent in volume of four double-deckers.

2005 Organized Don't be Cold, Be Cool energy conservation campaign lampooning the Hong Kong's arctic indoor climate and mobilized the public to report "thermal offenders" who set the indoor temperature below 25℃.

Received more than 400 reports.


2005 Launched Earth Partner, an annual theme-oriented environmental awareness-building programme.

Received support from 27 organizations after its launch.

2005 Implemented waste separation at source in 10 designated public housing estates for the Green Delight in Estates programme.

2005 Launched the 1st Tree Planting Challenge

It’s the most tree planting challenge in Hong Kong.


2004 Launched the first large scale CD recycling programme in Hong Kong and set up collection points in housing estates, schools, commercial buildings and some post offices.

Collected 300,000 CDs in the first nine months.

2004 Responded to the calls of mainland green groups like Global Village Beijing, Friends of Nature, Green Earth Volunteers to launch a 25℃ campaign on air conditioners.

2004 6000 moon-cake boxes were put together for a domino to promote recycling.

Around 1000 organizations participated, including housing estates and schools. A total of 140,000 moon-cake boxes were collected.


2004 Demanded battery manufacturers to collect used batteries and asked consumers to use rechargeable batteries.

The government and the battery producers responded with a battery recycling programme to demonstrate producer responsibility.

2004 FoE (HK) aligned with five local green groups for a joint statement to urge the early completion of the legislation of construction waste charging scheme.

The bill was passed in 2004 for implementation in 2005.

2004 Initiated Protect Hunghom Peninsula to stop real estate developer from demolishing seven brand new blocks of home ownership scheme.

The real estate developer yielded to FoE (HK) pressure and scrapped the demolition plan.


2003 Commissioned by the Environmental Protection Department for a study to look into the possibility of establishing an economically viable long-term collection and recovery system for foam packaging waste in Hong Kong.

2003 Released a wind study report stating that the wind speed recorded at Po Toi Island and Lamma Island is effectual for the running of modern wind turbines. FoE (HK) urged the government to take the lead in procuring renewable energy.


2003 Filed a complaint to the Audit Commission on the misuse of public money to decommission Choey Lee Shipyard for the construction of Disney Theme Park.

The Audit Commission released the findings of the investigation accusing various government departments of maladministration, which caused a loss of HK$504.5 million.

2003 Organized Moon-kick Action during the Mid-Autumn festival to promote green consumerism and Producer Responsibility.

Over 110 housing estates, schools and corporations participated.


2003 Director Mrs Mei Ng was honoured with the Bronze Bauhinia Star award in recognition for her contribution to environmental protection.

2002 Urged the administration to extend the landfill charging scheme for construction materials to other types of wastes, and assisted the recycling industry.

2002 Filed a complaint with the Ombudsman against the government's maladministration of the Disney Theme Park Project following a submission to LegCo on The Decommissioning of Cheoy Lee Shipyard at Penny's Bay.


2002 Launched Green Footprints project to promote nature appreciation among teachers and students through eco-tours.

2002 Created a world record with a 35.8ft by 40ft mosaic made from 30,012 aluminum cans to promote recycling.

2001 Created website:

2001 Launched a one-year project, Eating Green, Living Green, to help start organic farming in schools, which allowed students to harvest and taste their home-grown vegetables.


2001 Launched Community Used Clothes Recycling Bank Scheme in private and public housing estates to collect used clothes, socks, blankets, curtains etc.

The programme collected 145,000kg of used clothes within the first six months after its launch.

2001 The second wind monitoring station was set up on Lama Island in November by FoE (HK). The station would collect data of wind speed and direction for a wind atlas. FoE (HK) was commissioned by the Hong Kong Electric Company Limited for a wind power study project.


2001 The first wind monitoring station in Hong Kong was set up by FoE(HK) in April on Po Toi Island, southeast of Hong Kong.

2001 Organized Hong Kong's 1st Solar Car Race at Hing Fong Road Playground at Kwai Hing on Jan 21.

More than 200 participants took part.

Organized 2nd Solar Car Race at Southorn Playground, Wanchai on Nov 24. Pedals were allowed in the design to create a solar-and-pedal hybrid solar carts.

FoE (HK) has organized five rounds of Solar Cart Race from 2001 to 2005 which has accomplished its historical mission in promoting renewable energy.


2000 Director, Mrs Mei Ng was appointed a National Environmental Envoy for China on World Environment Day and won the UN Global 500 Award.

2000 Organized a fundraising event on World Water Day at Pui Kiu Middle School where students and teachers experienced a no-drink lunch and donated lunch budgets for the Yangtze and Yellow River source conservation fund.

About 370 students and teachers participated to make planting of 1880 trees at the source of Yangtze and Yellow River in Qinghai province.

2000 Foam Buster in Action
Launched a Styrofoam recycling campaign, "Recycle for the Earth".



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