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Our achievements and impacts over 30 years are summarized through these milestones



2015 FoE (HK)’s flagship program – “Trees.COOLiving” was launched on 22 March 2015. Trees.COOLiving aimed to raise public awareness on topics ranging from climate change, green lifestyle, water security, tree protection, urban farming and waste reduction, etc. With the launch of this program, a wide variety of activities was organized to promote COOL lifestyle with emphasis on the benefits and conservation of trees.



2015 In collaboration with RTHK Radio 1 program -《精靈1點》, FoE (HK) launched a radio series on the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21;「氣候警報21」) in November 2015. For two weeks, the audience were brought up to speed on what climate change is, why it is necessary for us to take action, what governments aim to do, and why COP21 is important. The Paris Agreement, a global agreement on climate change, was adopted by 195 nations on 12 December 2015, aiming to limit the average global surface temperature increase of 2°C over the pre-industrial average and initiate actions and investment towards a low carbon, resilient and sustainable future.


2014 Along with the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society and the Professional Commons, FoE (HK) established a research team and launched a study on social return on investment (SROI) of the proposed third airport runway. The New Economics Foundation (NEF) of the United Kingdom was invited to advise on the study. The SROI assessment studied four key areas and their corresponding effects. These included carbon emissions on climate change, noise pollution on property value and health, air pollution on health, and habitat loss for the Chinese white dolphins. The total economic return (predicted at HK$542 billion by the Airport Authority Hong Kong) may be significantly reduced after incorporating the environmental and social impacts into the cost-benefit analysis. In fact, the costs associated with building the third runway are estimated at HK$668.8 billion, outweighing the benefits by HK$126.8 billion. This implies that the proposed third runway project may even bring losses to Hong Kong society. It is the first time Hong Kong has adopted this internationally recognized approach to evaluate the social costs and benefits of the runway through the engagement of stakeholders and monetization of social impacts on major infrastructural projects.


2014 In 10th Annual Power Smart Energy Saving Contest has contributed again to the climate change mitigation. In 2015, Hong Kong experienced the hottest ever summer in the past 130 years. With the increasing desire to use more air conditioning, 2,600 commercial participants of the Power Smart Energy Saving Contest have tamed the desire and reduced their electricity consumption by 6% during the period of July to September and saved 40 million units of electricity.With their concerted efforts, our participants have accumulatively achieved 260 million units of electricity saving in the past 10 consecutive years, equivalent to the reduction of 180,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions to alleviate climatic change.Smart meters were installed for 50 schools for the second year term to facilitate teachers and students to monitor the real-time electricity consumption of their schools via the internet


2014 FoE (HK) and Greeners Action co-organized a pilot scheme to investigate the feasibility and effectiveness of per household municipal solid waste (MSW) charging. The results were remarkable: the participating building reduced the amount of waste by 30%, while an extra 50% of goods were recycled. FoE (HK) believes that a volume-based charging scheme by households is more effective to encourage people to reduce waste over the same scheme by buildings. FoE (HK) urges the government to legislate the charging of MSW as soon as possible to achieve the best waste reduction results


2014 FoE (HK), Greeners Action, the Conservancy Association, Green Power, Produce Green Foundation, Greenpeace and Green Sense expressed their demands on implementing a volume-based waste charging scheme by households to the Council for Sustainable Development – the organization responsible for the consultation of MSW charging – in the form of giving a checkmark to support designated bags used for per household fee collection and a cross to the photo of residential buildings for per building charge.


2013 After 6 months of effort, FoE(HK) managed to gather regional support and successfully persuaded the world's top two largest cruise companies to pledge to switch fuel when berthing in Hong Kong. The government has also promised to regulate all ocean-going vessels to switch fuel at berth, which is expected to be implemented the earliest by 2015.


2013 To reduce food waste and help low-income families overcome food and clothing difficulties, FoE(HK) established the 'Food Donation Alliance' in July 2012, to encourage socially responsible food suppliers to donate unsold food that still meets safety standards. Our allies would then distribute the food to those in need. The number of partnering organisations has increased from 11 to 41. Up to December 2013, over 97 tonnes of food and 27,000 litres of drinks have been rescued and donated to low-income families. Through their services, some organizations have also created jobs and rebuilt mutual care and support in the community.


2012 Established “Food Donation Alliance” with 24 social groups to collect safe (unsold) food for people in need. By the end of 2012, over 13 tons of food had been donated.

2012Launched the first “Organic Farming Marathon” in Hong Kong. Over 300 participants took turn to plant the crops in organic farm and experience the hard work of farmers, so to promote the culture of food cherishing.


2012 Measured concentration of PM2.5 inside bus throughout Hong Kong, which at least doubled the WHO standard, and urged the government’s action to improve air quality


2011 Launched the Seoul Green ebook and the Taiwan Treasure Hunt ebook

2011 The government finally succumbed to the persistent pressure from FoE(HK) and set up a Taskforce on External Lighting. Appointing Edwin Lau, Director of FoE (HK), as a member to advise on light pollution regulations.

2011 Launched the ‘Order Less Waste Less, More Blessing’, food waste reduction campaign, and invited corporations to cut two dishes from banquet courses.


2010 Initiated "Waste Reduction 6,000 Tonnes" programme to advocate waste reduction at source. The goal is to achieve a 6,000 tonnes reduction of municipal solid waste to a total of 3,000 tonnes by 2022.

The programme received support from 25 legislators, green groups and community organizations.


2010 Launched Water Charter with Hong Kong Observatory for the participation of corporations to reduce commercial or industrial water wastage, as well as regional water pollution.


2010 Organized participants from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Jiangxi for Giving Back to Dongjiang, a march for Dongjiang source conservation. The participants walked for more than 500 km to the river source and planted trees with villagers.

More than 30 participants planted 11,000 trees to conserve Dongjiang.




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