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  • Reflections on the Hunghom Peninsula
  • By Mei Ng UN Global 500 Laureate Director, Friends of the Earth (HK)December 30, 2004 Hong Kong has been described as the developer’s paradise and environmentalist’s nightmare. The
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  • Questioning Sustainability
  • Friends of the Earth (HK)’s concern about the Sustainable Development Principles and Strategy proposed by the Council for Sustainable Development December 28, 2004
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  • Far From the Maddening Crowd A Year End Reflection
  • Year 2004 will be remembered as the 4th hottest year in history. The World Meteorological Organization has announced that last October was the warmest October in history. 2004 would also be
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  • Christmas equals to exchange of rubblish?
  • Please refer to Chinese Version
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  • Beyond Trees, Beyond Gardens, Beyond Greening
  • By Mei Ng UN Global 500 Laureate, China Green Envoy, Director Friends of the Earth (Hong Kong) November 11, 2004 Hong Kong has been known as the Concrete Jungle and
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  • Hide-and-Seek with Sustainable Development
  • Mei Ng UN Global 500 Laureate, Director Friends of the Earth (HK) November 8, 2004 To reclaim or to save the harbour, to develop or conserve our countryside, to landfill or
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  • Please refer to Chinese Version. (回應《蘋果》月餅包裝經濟學社評)
  • Please refer to Chinese Version.
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  • Comments on the Merging of the ETWB and EPD
  • Friends of the Earth (HK)23.09.2004 Hong Kong environmental group Friends of the Earth (HK) welcomes the move based on the following considerations:(1) Hong Kong SAR's
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  • Half-Way Victory for the Public's Right to Know
  • Mrs Mei Ng, FoE (HK) DirectorEnvironmental Group, Friends of the Earth (HK) claimed victory in its campaign to push for open meeting and government transparency.Friends of
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  • Shadow over Disney
  • 24 Jul 2004 SCMP A July 15 letter from the office of the director of civil engineering and development denies the accusation by Friends of the Earth (HK) of an environmental
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