Friends of the earth
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will be used to

  • Host Workshops with Youth
  • Educate the Public
  • Lobby Government
  • Plants Trees
  • Foster Habit Change
  • Engage with Corporations
  • Undertake Research
  • Conduct Surveys

With your support we can offer solutions to help create environmentally sustainable public policies, business practices and community lifestyles for our current and future generations.



To extent your love of protecting the environment beyond your lifetime you could leave a gift from your estate to Friends of the Earth (HK) Charity Ltd.

To leave a legacy to Friends of the Earth (HK) Charity Ltd. the best and easiest way is to seek your solicitors advice on including this wish in your written will.

Here is some suggested wording for including Friends of the Earth in your Will:

“I bequeath to Friends of the Earth (HK) Charity Ltd. of the address: Unit 1301-1302, 13/F, Block A, Sea View Estate, No.2 Watson Road, Hong Kong, the residue of my estate / specified sum / specified percentage / specified properties / specified asset (e.g. stocks or shares) / specified life insurance policy / specified items(e.g. antique or jewellery) free of all duties, and the receipt from the Secretary or other authorized officers for the time being shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the executor(s).”

A few words like the above can make a significant and meaningful difference.

For more information on how to donate or leave a legacy donation, please contact us.

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