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We notify Volunteers about opportunities via email.

All helpers must be the registered volunteers of Friends of the Earth (HK). So if you have not done so please complete the online Volunteer Registration form





Translators (Eng to Chi or Chi to Eng), blog editor, graphic designers, photo and video shooting and editing.

Some of our articles, press releases, or some publicity materials for our website or social media, need to be translated. (from Chinese to English or English to Chinese)

Besides, our websites and social media, or some publicity events, needs graphics (e.g. posters, seasonal greetings), photo and video support. 

We will need volunteers to help us on all these. Translation and design tasks can be performed at home, volunteers need not to go to the FoE (HK) office. Time frame for work can be negotiated individually for each task.

For further details, please contact:





Assisted in Power Smart road show education

Helped in Community Education Projects

Helped in Outdoor Events, like Tree Planting Challenge and Riverwalk

Shared second hand clothes with the elderly

Supported on-site event including professional photographing

Provided pro-bono services for design, media and marketing


  • COOL Ambassador
  • Let's save food!
  • Food Angel