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Green Products

Green Books


B1: "Food Waste" (Traditional Chinese)

Writer: Leila Chan
About the food waste problems in Hong Kong.

Part of income will donate to Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) 'Food Angel' Food Recycling Scheme

Original Price: HK$108
Discounted Price: HK$98


B2: How On Earth You Can Save The World (bilingual book – Traditional Chinese and English)

How On Earth You Can Save The World is a poster book, which collects seven years' (year 1991 0 1998) fabulous works from the "Poster For the Environment on the MTR" competition. You certainly will get many green messages from this book, with a gaze of historical milestones of environmental protection in 90’s.

Original Price: HK$70
Discounted Price: HK$20


B3: The source of the Yangtze (bilingual book – Simplified Chinese and English)

A photograhpic account of the landscape, ecology and humanity in the headwaters of the Yangtze River.

Original Price: HK$300
Discounted Price: HK$120


B4: Treasure hunt in Taiwan

The very first e-book in Hong Kong, about a green journey tracing waste prints in Taiwan

Price: Free download at iTunes 

Online E-book:


B5: The Swallows' Return (bilingual book – Traditional Chinese and English)

A foreigner's history of birdwatching, conservation and culture in Taiwan, with stunning photos of the natural sceneries.

Price HK$90


B6: Dim It (Traditional Chinese)

The first book on light pollution ever published in Hong Kong

Editors: Hahn Chu, Leila Chan

Price: HK$88


B7: Seoul Green (Traditional Chinese)

Friends of the Earth (HK) walks around the city of Seoul and discover the green ideas and green delights with you.

Price: Free download at iTunes and Google Play

Online E-book:


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