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Green Products

Green Gifts


D1: Plant a Tree

You can help us to plant a tree at the Dongjiang headstream with a donation of only HK$100.

Price: HK$100/tree


D2: Tree-planting Tee (Green fabric and printing)

Fabric of this tree utilizes pre-consumption waste donated by fabric manufacturer. Both fabric and printing of the Tee meet the requirement of he Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class II (direct contact with skin). It certifies that both fabric and printing do not contain chemical substances which are harmful to human health and environment.

In two styles: pick / shovel

Price: HK$150


D3: Small EPS Photo Frame

Small EPS Photo Frame is partly made of local-recycled Polystyrene (foam container). Color - pink, white and black. The size of the frame is 11.5cm (L) x 9cm(W).

Original: $18
Now: HK$10


D4: Ms. Cherie Chung's greeting card (a set of 5 cards)

Ms Cherie Chung loves nature and devotes herself in environment protect work. She had caught different moments in nature with her camera, and shared with us as greeting card.

Price: $100/set


D6: Earth Family (Daddy Penguin, Penguinnie, Duckile, Baby Bear)

All 4 members of the Earth Family are keen on protecting the environment – save food, save energy, save water and reduce waste. Why not bring them home and start your green living habits with them?

Original: $60
Now: HK$30


D7: Earth Family (Daddy Penguin)

Daddy Penguin keeps an eye on the latest saving tips, and keeps reminding his children to establish a good habit of energy saving.

Original: HK$21
Now: HK$15


D8: Earth Family (Penguinnie)

Penguinnie hates throws rubbish away. Thus he adopts any means he can to recycle the trash into useful products.

Original: $13
Now: HK$10


D9: Earth Family (Duckile)

Duckile is smart. She always orders the exact amount she can eat when eat out, and never buy excess food for home.

Original: $13
Now: HK$10


D10: Earth Family (Baby Bear)

Though Baby bear is young, he knows the importance of water saving. He never takes shower for more than 4 mins, and avoid running tap when washing vegetables.

Original: $13
Now: HK$10


D11: Trees ‧ COOLiving Tee (backside)

- 100%made in Hong Kong
- Eco friendly printing technique and applications
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