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Green Products (Out of Stock)

Sale Items (Out of Stock)


E1A: Bannerbag - iPad Cover (suitable for iPad 2/3)

Material: old banners, synthesized leather
Inner: Buckle

Original: $320
Now: HK$100

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E1B: Bannerbag - iPad Cover (suitable for iPad 1)

Material: old banners, synthesized leather Inner: Buckle

Original: HK$320
Now: HK$50

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**During the Xmas Sales Period (1 November to 31 December 2012), any purchase of bannerbag can enjoy a 10% off, while 20% off upon any purchase of bannerbag over $500! Limited time offer! Act Now! (not applicable on discounted products

B1: "Food Waste" (Traditional Chinese)

Writer: Leila Chan
About the food waste problems in Hong Kong.

Part of income will donate to Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) 'Food Angel' Food Recycling Scheme

Original: HK$108
Now: HK$98


B2: How On Earth You Can Save The World (bilingual book – Traditional Chinese and English)

How On Earth You Can Save The World is a poster book, which collects seven years' (year 1991 0 1998) fabulous works from the "Poster For the Environment on the MTR" competition. You certainly will get many green messages from this book, with a gaze of historical milestones of environmental protection in 90’s.

Original: HK$70
Now: HK$20


B3: The source of the Yangtze (bilingual book – Simplified Chinese and English)

A photograhpic account of the landscape, ecology and humanity in the headwaters of the Yangtze River.

Original: HK$300
Now: HK$120


D3: Small EPS Photo Frame

Small EPS Photo Frame is partly made of local-recycled Polystyrene (foam container). Color - pink, white and black. The size of the frame is 11.5cm (L) x 9cm(W).

Original: $18
Now: HK$10


D6: Earth Family (Daddy Penguin, Penguinnie, Duckile, Baby Bear)

All 4 members of the Earth Family are keen on protecting the environment – save food, save energy, save water and reduce waste. Why not bring them home and start your green living habits with them?

Original: $60
Now: HK$30


D7: Earth Family (Daddy Penguin)

Daddy Penguin keeps an eye on the latest saving tips, and keeps reminding his children to establish a good habit of energy saving.

Original: HK$21
Now: HK$15


D8: Earth Family (Penguinnie)

Penguinnie hates throws rubbish away. Thus he adopts any means he can to recycle the trash into useful products.

Original: $13
Now: HK$10


D9: Earth Family (Duckile)

Duckile is smart. She always orders the exact amount she can eat when eat out, and never buy excess food for home.

Original: $13
Now: HK$10


D10: Earth Family (Baby Bear)

Though Baby bear is young, he knows the importance of water saving. He never takes shower for more than 4 mins, and avoid running tap when washing vegetables.

Original: $13
Now: HK$10



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