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Objective and Background:

Ship emission is a major cause of pollution which is frequently being overlooked. The content of Sulphur of fuel used by ocean going vessels is 2.8% to 3.5%, which is 2800 times of vehicle fuel. Pearl River Delta caters 3 of the busiest ports in the World. As a part of Pearl River Delta, vessel emission took 47.6% of the total sulphur dioxide emission of Hong Kong. In addition to the unique environment of Hong Kong, vessels are close to the residential area, which causes 385 deaths each year in Hong Kong, and trigger no less adverse effects to the health than vehicle emission. As a result, FoE (HK) urges the government to enhance regional cooperation and set emission control zones at Pearl River Delta and limits the use of fuel with 0.1% or more sulphur content by ocean going vessels.

While in Hong Kong, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is estimated to open in mid-2013, and would become another major source of emission, especially those mega cruise ships that require large amount of fuel to maintain the needs on board even when they are docked. The emission of these mega cruise ships is just like a small scale power plant and causes direct threats to the health of the 280,000 Kai Tak residents. FoE(HK) urges the government to set up shore power supply and facilities on board for the docking cruises and thus reducing up to 90% of emission.

Your Participation:


  • Write and urge the government to set up shore power supply and facilities on board for the shipping industry
  • Donation

Further action will require for your continued support.




  • Establish legislation to demand that the cruise companies switching to the fuel that is lower in sulfur content when arriving Hong Kong


  • Establish shore power facilities at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal


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