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Take a Brake – Corporate Green Driving Award Scheme 

Corporate sector keeps up the momentum with
monthly fuel reduction of 71,500 litres and
reaches 124,000 employees in 3 years




Addressing Hong Kong’s worsening roadside air pollution, which poses a threat to our health and environment, the Take a “Brake” Low Carbon Action - Corporate Green Driving Award Scheme calls on corporates and organisations to improve fuel efficiency and cut fuel consumption of their company vehicles, and to promote green driving habits among drivers. Since its inception in 2010, the Scheme has achieved an accumulated reduction of 71,500 litres of fuel per month, and  reached 124,000 employees about green driving practices.


Sponsored by the Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation and organised by Friends of the Earth (HK), the Corporate Green Driving Award Scheme aims to promote the initiative among corporate drivers and other employees on how to lower fuel consumption and improve fuel efficiency through effective vehicle maintenance and green driving habits, including car-pooling.  


The Scheme has received tremendous support from the corporate sector. Within three years, their accumulated reduction in fuel consumption has reached 71,500 litres per month*. Such reduction is equivalent to nearly 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, which would take a year for almost 20,000 trees to absorb. Through in-house green driving workshops conducted by Friends of the Earth (HK) and internal communications by participating organizations, the Scheme has successfully reached 124,000 employees about green driving practices. Close to 2,000 vehicles have measured their fuel usage and mileage.


Mr. Edwin Lau, Director - General Affairs, Friends of the Earth (HK) said at the award ceremony, “The overall achievements in fuel efficiency improvement and fuel saving across 2010, 2011 and 2012 are remarkable. Nearly nine out of ten (87.5%) participating organisations in the three years have reached ‘Gold status’, an improvement in their fuel efficiency or fuel consumption reduction by 5% and above. The Corporate sector has kept the green momentum going with eco-friendly measures to reduce air pollution from their company fleets.”


In this year’s scheme, the Hospital Authority Head Office was awarded with the Most Significant Improvement in Fuel Efficiency with a 30.6% improvement during the eco-action period**, while New World Development Company Limited was First Runner-up with 23.8% improvement. Hang Lung Properties Limited was recognized with the Most Significant Fuel Consumption Saver - Champion award for their exceptional 36.4% cut in fuel consumption, while Hopewell Holdings Limited was First Runner-up with a 36.2% reduction.



To honour the organisations which have participated in two or more years, two special awards were presented: Highest Sustained Fuel Efficiency Improvement and Highest Sustained Fuel Consumption Saver, and the winners were Chevalier Group – Corporate Management and Hip Hing Construction Company Limited respectively. Other awardees included: Highest Participation Rate (Eco-driving Workshop) - Dunwell Environmental Management Co., Ltd and Most Significant Commitment in Reduction of Driving Days - CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, which has been the winner of this award for three consecutive years.


Mrs Bethy Tam, Trustee of Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation, and Head of Governance & Strategic Initiatives, Standard Chartered Hong Kong said, “The 46 participating organisations this year, many of which have been taking part in consecutive years, again demonstrate a keen interest in environmental protection. We call on companies and individuals to join our hands in building a greener future for Hong Kong. As the convenor of Take a “Brake” Low Carbon Action, Standard Chartered Hong Kong has implemented a wide range of in-house green measures, and our staff are all supportive of this worthy environmental initiative.”


* This figure is based on the assumption that previously achieved savings levels are maintained by the same number of vehicles.


** The eco-action period refers to a minimum of 30 consecutive days prior to 30 November, 2012, compared to the baseline period (a minimum of 30 consecutive days prior to 30 September, 2012).


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