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AEON and CRVanguard, the Tortoise and the Hare


AEON Overtakes with “Turtle Speed”, CRVanguard Please Hurry


(2 August 2013, Press Release) AEON finally announced its Tsuen Wan branch will start making regular food donations after being stuck in the “research” phase for over a year. Friends of the Earth (HK) (FoE (HK)) welcomes AEON’s “better late than never” decision. At the same time, we urge CRVanguard supermarkets to also start making “regular” donations otherwise it will soon be the slowest supermarket chain in the race to improve food donation practices.


The situation with AEON and CRVanguard is almost akin to “The Tortoise and the Hare” story. Like the prideful hare, CRVanguard decided to take a rest after being the first supermarket chain to make a number of food donations. On the other hand, AEON’s announcement to have its Tseun Wan branch to make regular donations is parallel to the tortoise, overtaking CRVanguard.


FoE (HK) points out that ParknShop, Wellcome, AEON and c!ty’super have successively committed to cooperate with food recycling organisations to make a long-term reduction in food waste. Conversely, CRVanguard’s occasional donations give off a half-baked appearance to the public, lacking any commitment to food donations and continuing to dump massive amounts of food into the landfill.


On 29 July, FoE (HK) went to AEON’s Tsuen Wan branch to petition them and then received a positive response in just four days. However, we urge AEON to expand its scheme to other branches as soon as possible to make up for past year of inaction.


Since early June, CRVanguard has not shared with us its food donation plans. FoE (HK) urges the public to continue to sign its petition (, which will send an email to CRVanguard demanding the following:

  1. To urgently      make regular donations of food items that cannot be sold
  2. To recycle      inedible food waste

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Ms Celia Fung, Environmental Affairs Officer, Friends of the Earth (HK), 2528 5588



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