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Environmental Protection Groups and Elizabeth Quat presented the “Energy Saving Jab” to urge the Environmental Bureau to supervise the 2 Power Companies to save energy by 1%


(July 3, 2013 joint press release) Today, Friends of the Earth (HK) and Greenpeace invited Elizabeth Quat, LegCo member of DAB, to raise a question at the Legislative Council on the two power companies’ energy saving target.  Quat and two Greenpeace members dressed up as nursing staff and presented the “energy saving jab”’, which signified the 1% annual energy saving, to the Secretary for the Environment, KS Wong, and requested that the Environmental Bureau to include the 1% annual energy saving target by the two power companies in the mid-term review of the “Scheme of Control Agreement” (SOC), so as to cure the ills of the present electricity market caused by the encouragement of the usage of electricity.


By presenting the “energy saving jab” to the Secretary for the Environment (KS Wong), Quat demanded the Secretary to ensure the two power companies to save energy by 1%.  Quat remarked, “the 1% energy saving target can cure the long term illness in the present electricity market and improve the people’s livelihood and the environment.  I hope the Environmental Bureau can set the energy saving target to 1% and urge the two power companies to invest in energy saving, and help the public reduce the electricity tariff.”  She further expressed that the Government and the two power companies have been discussing the mid-term review behind closed doors, the public have no ideas about the two power companies’ energy saving targets.  She urged the authorities to reveal the details of their discussion as soon as possible. 


In a meeting with the environmental protection groups last Friday, CLP repeatedly refused to reveal its plans for achieving the energy saving target in dealing with the mid-term review on the SOC.  Prentice Koo, Senior Project Officer of Greenpeace, stated that the Environment Bureau is obliged to include the 1% energy saving target in the SOC so as to force a response in this regard from the two power companies, who have been refusing all along to respond to this energy saving demand by the community and the environment protection groups.  In the last meeting, CLP repeatedly stressed that successful energy saving requires public participation, and yet it refused to disclose to the public its detailed plans for achieving the energy saving target, a seemingly self-contradictory approach. 


Frances Yeung, Senior Environmental Officer of Friends of the Earth (HK), believes that the Government must explain how the current energy saving target is set.  She said: "It is difficult to understand why the power companies’ energy saving target is set so low, currently between 0.03% to 0.04%.  In the past, CLP was rewarded an average bonus of 17 million per year, money from the public, by achieving this extra low energy saving target. 


Media Enquiries:

Ms Frances Yeung, Senior Environmental Officer, Friends of the Earth (HK), 2528 5588


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