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World Water Day 2014 – Friends of the Earth (HK) Dongjiang Forum

Encouraging Community Cooperation


(22 March 2014, press release) Dongjiang water is currently being threatened by climate change, increase of population, urbanisation and industrial pollution. It has gained lots of attention recently as it is closely related to economic and financial development of China. Ignoring water protection will threaten the income and environment of Jiangxi, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Guangdong. Therefore, it is extremely important to protect our precious Dongjiang water.


As the main users, what should Hong Kong and Guangdong do to support the protection of Dongjiang water? Friends of the Earth (HK) (‘FoE(HK)’) hosted the first “Dongjiang Forum 2014” on World Water Day (22 March) in Shenzhen around the Shezhen Water Supply Department. Over 170 government officials, non-governmental organisations, academics, public, media and other concern group from Jiangxi, Guangdong and Hong Kong shared their experiences in water conservation and explored the best way forward on preservation of Dongjiang basin and China’s water .


During the opening speech, Dr Vivian Wong, Chairman of FoE (HK), said that everybody should respect water right and share their responsibility while sharing the water resources, to conserve a sustainable Earth. She also hoped that this Dongjiang forum can serve as a platform for various stakeholders from upstream and downstream to share their ideas and experience on how to protect our limited and precious water resources.


Ms Su Liu, Head of Greater China & Water Policy Research, Civic Exchange pointed out that water usage In Hong Kong is high, while the water tariff rate does not reflect the scarcity in water resources. Therefore, she urges Hong Kong should play their part to conserve water resources. Dr Chan Hon Fai, Advisory Committee on Water Resources and Quality of Water Supplies of Hong Kong shared that Water Supplies Department has introduced the Total Water Management Strategy on how to increase the independence and flexibility of Hong Kong water, in 2008.


Mr Tu Yongfa, Vice dean of Jiangxi People’s Congress, Environment Protection and Resources Conservation Committee said, Jiangxi mentioned that, Jiangxi has sacrificed and given up some development , also abandoned many economic and agriculture opportunities that would cause pollution to the water. Tu hopes that Guangdong, Hong Kong and Jiangxi would work more closely for a cleaner Dongjiang water, through cross-location eco-and- economic balance c system.)


“3.22 World Water Day – Dongjiang Forum” held next to Shenzhen reservoir has received overwhelming response. The forum “united’ over 170 person from Hong Kong, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Sichuan who cares about our water and our economy. We have already created a platform of cooperation. The Journey must go on !!


Media Enquires:

Ms Joyce Chiang, Senior Communications and Marketing Officer, Friends of the Earth (HK) 2528 5588

Dr Vivian Wong, Chairman of Friends of the Earth (HK) is giving her opening speech



Dr Vivian Wong, Chairman of Friends of the Earth (HK) , Mr Tu Yongfa, Vice Dean of Jiangxi People's Congress, Environment Protection and Resources Conservation Committee and Ms Margaret Leung, CEO of Friends of the Earth (HK)



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