Friends of the earth
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In late 2015 with the support of Strategic Partner and Sponsor Lee Hysan Foundation, Friends of the Earth (FoE) cooperated with project leader Focus On Film (FoF) on a project that engages both upper primary and lower secondary school students (including ethnic minorities) from varied socio-economic backgrounds. This program utilized short film as a medium of expression, raising awareness about different aspects of environmentalism. 


In phase 1 of the 5 stage project, FoE ran environmental workshops that offered lectures and resources to students in conducting their own research. FoE and FOF instructors guided the participants on field trips to understand various environmental issues, including:

•            waste management

•            climate change

•            air pollution

Program leader FOF continued with hands-on audio-visual training from film theory to production techniques during the remaining 8 months of the program.  During phase 3 through 5 FOF mentors helped produce short films that were  entirely scripted, shot and edited by the student filmmakers.

 The short films will be used as advocacy and education tools for environmental issues by FoE. These films have promoted awareness and raised discussions on various environmental issues, enabling young students to reflect and express their own views on how to deal with the issues of concern. Enjoy the short films below!

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