Earth Partner is an annual environmental programme for corporations and organisations. Since 2005, it has been launched annually on Earth Day* (22nd April) by Friends of the Earth (HK) ('FoE (HK)'). Earth Partner is an ideal platform for corporations to engage employees of various levels to understand more about our pressing environmental problems such as excessive waste, energy and water wastage; and at the same time share methods and common goals of conserving and improving the environment for a sustainable future.

Many of the environmental problems originated from the mistaken mindset and behaviour of individuals, FoE (HK) is experienced in helping the community at large to establish green mindset and behaviour, which is a low-cost, effective and sustainable solution.

Through this platform, we hope all Earth Partners receive the following benefits:

  • Increase awareness of environmental conservation and take real actions to protect our environment
  • Enhance knowledge of environmental problems, alternatives and solutions enabling the establishment of green business practices, which could improve the environment and possibly lower operating costs
  • Employees to act green not only at the workplace but also at home
  • A healthier workplace and have healthier employees

The Earth Partner logo is more than an icon, it represents a corporate commitment to environmental protection. It reminds everyone of us to respect the Earth and the nature to ensure good health and a quality living environment at all times.

The initial of E and P are graphically represented by two leaves.

* Earth Day, held on 22nd April each year, is an international event coordinated by the United Nations Environment Programme to build awareness for environmental protection and resource conservation.