This partnership is by invitation to organizations with noticeable commitment to protect the environment. Each participating organization will be named as 'Earth Partner' by pledging support and contributing to the environmental initiatives suggested by FoE (HK).

The first annual Earth Partner programme was launched on Earth Day in 2005 and, as our local community contribution to the global aim of Earth Day *, we have established a partnership with over 100 organizations since then. The 2015-2016 Earth Partner programme will commence on 22nd April 2015 and will run for one year until 21st April 2016.

Participation Levels

A. Corporate
There are four categories of contributions for corporate Earth Partners to choose from.


The largest planet in the Solar System


The 2nd largest planet in the Solar System


The 6th largest planet in the Solar System


The 7th largest planet in the Solar System

B. Non-profit making organizations


The 8th largest planet in the Solar System


This is a complimentary category for non-profit making organisations who have been working closely with FoE (HK) in the past years to strengthen environmental awareness through their network or who will commit to take part in Green Missions for the year. Participating organizations are by invitation only.

C. Estates under the FoE (HK)
'Used Clothes Recycling Programme'


The satellite of the Earth

This is a category to acknowledge private and public estates that have joined the FoE (HK) 'Used Clothes Recycling Programme' with a long term commitment. Participating estates are by invitation.

* Earth Day, held on 22nd April each year, is an international event coordinated by the United Nations Environment Programme to build awareness for environmental protection and resource conservation.