Newsletter Oct 2015

Global Climate Action

The COP 21 (the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) to be held from 30 November to 11 December in Paris will be the tipping point for global climate action to the transition towards resilient and low GHG (greenhouse gases) societies.

While leaders from around the world agree on ambitious National Determined Contributions (NDC) to keep global warming below 2oC, civil society and key sectors will share their commitments to collaborative initiatives in energy, building, transport, afforestation, waste and financing etc.

FoE (HK) will launch a series of articles in our
website, facebook page and blog to explain the urgency for action. To create synergy, we have also assisted RTHK Radio1 “精靈一點”, in research for their COP21 segments to be broadcasted from 16 to 27 November, 2015.

Our flagship program of Trees
COOLiving , spawning COOL Ambassadors, VegeCOOLiving, COOL Farmers etc will be YOUR ACTION AGENDA.

On 29 November, there will be Global Climate March organized in over 162 countries as led by in New York. The call is for “OFF + ON”, meaning “Off with Fossil Fuel and On with Clean and Safe Energy”. To sign up for the HK one, please visit


Vege Every MealU & the Earth Heal

On 1st October, World Vegetarian Day, Friends of the Earth organized its first ever VegeCOOLiving forum at Jao Tsung-I academy. This pioneer initiative’s aim was to create awareness about the environmental and health benefits of vegetarian diet and to mobilize the public to pledge a healthier and greener lifestyle. The event was attended by more than 120 participants. Eco-entrepreneurs and chefs spoke on the environmental and health benefits of vegetarianism. The non-vegetarian participants pledged to be a flexitarian by choosing to eat more vegetarian food.

For more details about VegeCOOLiving, please click here.



Vote for the greenest O Camp

Top 10 finalists of Green! O Camp Competition have been selected. Online voting is now available on Green! O Camp Facebook page. Visit the page and cast your vote before 16 Nov for the greenest tertiary orientation camp by clicking ‘LIKE’!


What is COP21?

The 21st session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), or COP21, will be held during November 30 to December 11 in Paris. The goal is to gather countries from around the world to reach a universal, legally-binding agreement to limit warming to no more than 2˚C above pre-industrial levels. Countries were encouraged to submit their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) in advance of COP21 so as to facilitate the negotiation.

For more details about COP21, please click here.



Cherish Food Reward Scheme

To echo the 16 October World Food Day, FoE(HK) and Towngas have jointly launched the ‘Cherish Food Reward Scheme’. 140 local restaurants participate in this campaign and offer rewards to customers who demonstrate 'cherish food' behaviors including ordering smaller portion or finishing all food. The kick-off ceremony was held on 15 Oct. We were honored to have the presence of Mr Howard Chan Wai-kee, JP, Deputy Director of EPD and many green friends from F&B sector. Wanna redeem your ‘Cherish Food Reward’ now? Please visit the full list of participating restaurants at!


Q & A on the Consumption of Red Meat and Processed Meat on Cancer Risks according to WHO

Lyon, France, 26 October 2015 – The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the cancer agency of the World Health Organization (WHO), has evaluated the carcinogenicity of the consumption of red meat and processed meat.
How much does it impact our daily lives?
Should we stop eating meat?
Is it a good idea for us to go veggie for our better health and sustainable environment?

For more information about red meat & processed meat, please click here.



Food waste auditors training at campus

CLP Green Elites Campus Accreditation Programme 2015/16 has been launched in October with the support of Friends of the Earth (HK) as the supporting partner. We shall help tackle the food wastage in schools by training up a team of food waste auditors. Besides finding out the food waste black spots, the auditors will also have the chance to provide creative solutions to reduce food waste from school lunch.


Reaching New Development Milestone

On 1 November, 2013, at the 30th Anniversary celebration of the Friends of the Earth (HK),
we explored global & local environmental development and started to map our path for a Vision for Healthy & Sustainable Environment for All with stretched targets of Zero Carbon & Zero Waste.

Two years down the road, we have re-orientated the staff and re-organized the institution
to start from Climate Action and address the key sectors and industries with the highest GHG emission. Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environment Social & Governance (ESG) reporting, we plan to reach senior management and individual staff through internal and external communication, cooperation and collaboration to achieve more ambitious collective impact. The above approach will be practiced in FoE (HK) as shown in our new organization chart and content, incorporating the concept of matrix among subjects, programs, target groups, locations and functions. (
Board and Structure)

In line with planned development, Ms Suzanne Cheung has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer, with effect from 16 November 2015. Ms Cheung has two decades of experience in environmental protection and sustainable development, having served in public bodies non-government organizations and as private consultant in managing and promoting sustainable development and environmental education programs.

In addition, Mr Edwin Lau has officially stepped down on 2 November, 2015. We would like to acknowledge the contribution that Mr Lau has made over the past years and wish him best of health and happiness in the coming years.

2 November 2015





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