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Earth Day Summit 2016

On the first Earth Day after the Paris Agreement, 22 April 2016, FoE (HK), the Open University of Hong Kong and Carbon Care Asia jointly organized “Earth Day Summit 2016 - From Paris Agreement to Post-carbon Cities”, to set out a road map for developing Hong Kong into a zero carbon city based on successful solutions proposed by cities of C40. More than 300 participants, including government officials, green groups, business representatives and academics pledged to reduce carbon emissions. The Secretary for the Environment, Mr. Wong Kam Sing said that the Government will formulate new climate strategies for carbon reduction by the end of 2016.



Run for the Earth!

NGC Earth Day Run 2016 was completed successfully on 17 April 2016.

FoE(HK) would like to express our sincere gratitude to National Geographic Channel for their support, and the generous donations from the runners. Click
here to view the amazing moments of Nat Geo Earth Day Run.



The Launch of COOL Corporate

“COOL Corporate” was officially launched on Earth Day, 22 April 2016. “COOL Corporate” is a membership program designed for companies of all sizes, with the aim of advocating sustainable business policies and practices.

Regular briefing sessions will be organized to provide details on the “COOL Corporate” scheme such as: objectives of the scheme, award scheme and benefits, complimentary eco-health talks, training and more.

For inquiries, please email us at



2016 Tree Planting at Xunwu

This year, “Plant a Tree”project – “Planting trees, Saving lives” has came to an end. On 22-23 April 2016, FoE (HK) completed planting of 15,000 trees in Huangbei Village at the headstream of Dongjiang and donated 6,070 trees to Dongjiang Source Village.

2016 Hong Kong Forest reforested a 6.6 ha of old citrus farm in Huangbei Village with 6 local tree species and 2 bees-friendly species. In order to assist the local apiculture, FoE (HK) donated 10,000 nectar plants to Dongjiang Source Village last year and in 2016, we donated 2 different species of nectar plants - Yellowwood and Crepe-myrtle to avoid monoculture and increase species diversity.

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“Sons of Dongjiang” 2016

“Sons of Dongjiang” 2016 is now open for application. Eligible young people between 15 and 30 years old are welcomed to apply for the program.

The program provides you an excellent opportunity to learn the conservation issues of the source of Dongjiang, through visiting the villages, planting trees and weeding.

Application deadline: 28 May 2016

For more information on the program, please click



Environment Day Forum

Organized by FoE (HK), the Environment Day Forum will be held on 6 June 2016. The Forum aims to arouse discussion on the long term perspective of renewable energy and how Hong Kong achieves zero carbon.

The forum will gather various stakeholders including government officials, industry leaders, academics, consultants, green groups and think tanks to exchange views on the prospect of zero carbon and renewable energy development to combat climate change.

Date: 6 June 2016
Time: 9:00am -1:00pm
Venue : 25/F, HK Federation of Youth Groups Building, Quarry Bay.

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Launching Ceremony of "Power Smart" 2016

The Launching Ceremony of "Power Smart" 2016 will be held on 6 June 2016. FoE (HK) is honored to have the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services, as our officiating guest of the launching ceremony.

Climate change imposes adverse impacts on human and ecological environment. We shall take actions to support the Paris Agreement and reduce carbon emissions to combat climate Change.

Date: 6 June 2016
Time: 2:00pm -5:00pm
Venue: 25/F, HK Federation of Youth Groups Building, Quarry Bay.

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Program Detail

Earth COOL Living

Thank you for your votes and support! We are delighted to announce that our radio program “Earth COOL Living”, will be broadcasted on RTHK DAB 31 starting in July 2016. Let’s explore together how to be COOL through these 13 episodes!

On our first episode “Paris Agreement & Zero Carbon City”, we will investigate why “Paris Agreement” is important? How to become “Zero Carbon City” and achieve net zero carbon emission? Our guest speakers will share their views on these topics in the program.

If you are interested to be the guests of Earth COOL Living, or play live music jamming with singer-songwriters Mr. Jing Wong and Ms. Olga Chung, click
here to join our Facebook game!

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Have Fun in Second-Hand Goods Barter Market!

Green Delight in Estates: Second-Hand Goods Barter Markets have already been organized in 5 public estates. Over 3000 second-hand goods have been collected and 1500 goods have found their new owners. Come and have fun with us in our Markets!

For more information and event schedule, please click
here .



Celebrate a Green Father’s Day with your beloved Dad!

Father’s Day is coming! To show your gratitude to your beloved father and our lovely planet, have you ever considered preparing an eco-chic gift for him?

A vibrant tree perhaps is the most fitting gift for your dad. Planting a tree can carry forward your gratitude to father in a living and vital way that grows grander with years.

Through our “Tree Planting Donation” program, FoE(HK) will plant trees at the Source of Dongjiang River on behalf of you. An electronic greeting card to indicate the number of planted trees will be sent to your loved one.

Plant Tree as a Gift



Volunteer Recruitment

FoE (HK) welcomes people from different backgrounds and sectors to join us as volunteers.

We are now recruiting office volunteers to assist our clerical work including data entry, letter mailing and information arrangement during our regular business hours : (Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 6 pm)

If you are interested to join us as volunteer, please email us at







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