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The 11th Power Smart Launching Ceremony
The 11th Power Smart Kick Off Ceremony was held in HKFYG Building on 6 June 2016. Mr. Alfred Sit, Deputy Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, was invited as the officiating guest to celebrate the Ceremony with the representatives from the sponsors and supporting organization. In addition, speakers from EMSD, ATAL Group, Sino Estates Management Ltd., DTZ, Kai Shing Management Services Ltd. and HK DCS Ltd. shared their success cases and the latest building code with the participating guests.

Power Smart Energy Saving Contest offers 5 categories for participation. The categories are: (1) School; (2) Organization; (3) Property Management; (4) Hotel and (5) Restaurant. Those who have achieved a 5% reduction in electricity consumption are eligible to compete for the prizes.

Click here for the program details.
Smart City Consortium
On 30 May 2016, Ms. Suzanne Cheung, CEO of FoE (HK), was invited by the Smart City Consortium (SCC) to have meeting with Mr. KS Wong, Secretary for the Environment. The meeting brought together partners from government, private and public sectors to share views on “Smart Energy” and “Smart City”.

Click here for more information about Smart City Consortium.
Producer Responsibility Scheme on Glass Beverage Bottles
The third reading of amendment bill on glass recycling levy was approved by Legislative Council on 27 May 2016. Target to implement the “Producer Responsibility Scheme on Glass Beverage Bottles” (PRS) in 2018. The levied amount will be used to support glass collection and recycling operation in Hong Kong.

Click here for more information about PRS.
COOL Corporate Eco-Health Talk - Achieving Zero Waste through BYOB3
“COOL Corporate Eco-Health Talk - Achieving Zero Waste through BYOB3” was successfully held on on 24 June 2016. Representatives from Plastic Free Sea, Tsunami Sport, Urban Spring and Lush were invited to be the guest speakers of the event. The problems of marine plastics, urban drinking water innovation and corporate best practice in reducing plastics use were being discussed.

The next Eco-Health Talk about urban farming will be held in August 2016. For enquiries, please contact us at 3184 1534 or email to
COOL Outing - The Green Atrium
Starting from July 2016, COOL Outing will be arranged every 2 months. Eco-tours to organic farms, butterfly gardens, aquaponic gardens and other green facilities in Hong Kong will be arranged for our COOL Corporates’ members and COOL Ambassadors.

The coming COOL Outing – The Green Atrium will be held on 23 July 2016. Click here to download the registration form. For enquiries, please contact us at 3184 1508 or email to
Second-hand Goods Barter Market
“Second-hand Goods Barter Market” was successfully held in Kam Peng Estate, Chai Wan Estate and Siu Sai Wan Estate in May 2016. The residents were encouraged to donate and exchange their useful items. Many second-hand goods have been collected and distributed to new owners. Thank you for your support and participation. Let’s go green and reduce waste!
Community Involvement Broadcasting Service
Thank you for your votes and support! We are delighted to announce that our radio program “Earth COOL Living”, will be broadcasted on RTHK DAB 31 starting in July 2016. Let’s explore together how to be COOL through these 13 episodes!

On our first episode “Paris Agreement & Zero Carbon City”, we will investigate why “Paris Agreement” is important? How to become “Zero Carbon City” and achieve net zero carbon emission? Our guest speakers will share their views on these topics in the program.

If you are interested to be the guests of Earth COOL Living, or play live music jamming with singer-songwriters Mr. Jing Wong and Ms. Olga Chung, click here to join our Facebook game!

Premiere: 13 July 2016
Broadcast time: 9:00-10:00 pm (Every Tuesday)
Channel: RTHK DAB 31

Click here for the program details.
Green Delight in Estates – “Rehome & Reuse Resources” Sharing Box Design Competition
Organized by Hong Kong Housing Authority, co-organized by FoE (HK), Conservancy Association and Business Environment Council, the “Rehome” Box cover Design Competition is now open for application. The winning design will be used as our reference for the "Re-home" Resources Sharing Boxes cover design later.

Click here for the program details.
Apart from “Second-hand Goods Barter Market”, “BYOB3” is also a target promotion in different public estates. The aim of this program is to encourage the public to avoid using disposable plastic items by bringing own bags, bottles and boxes.
COOL Ambassador Recruitment
What is COOL Ambassador?
The COOL Ambassador is an initiative of the “Trees ‧ COOLiving” Program, a platform for leaders to explore, discuss and take action from the environmental perspective, to create positive impacts on the society.

How COOL Ambassador works?
COOL Ambassador takes the effort to make the Earth a better place through sustainable actions – LOHAS 10 Do’s. COOL Ambassador will carry out 10 Do’s in their everyday life, spread the message and encourage others to take action of 10 Do’s.

We want to reward our COOL Ambassadors for their efforts! Once becoming a COOL Ambassador, you will receive our COOL Ambassador Membership Card. With this card, you are entitled to exclusive benefits, special discounts and more.

Click here for more information about COOL Ambassador.
The 29th Annual General Meeting
The 29th Annual General Meeting of FoE (HK) will be held on 23 July 2016. All members are welcome to attend. Only Life Members have the right to nominate a new board member and vote in the AGM. If you are a Life Member and unable to attend the AGM, you are entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote on your behalf.

For Life Members who want to nominate a new board member and/or appoint a proxy, please click here to download the form.

The 29th AGM
Date: 23 July 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 5:00-6:00 pm
Venue: Unit 1301-1302, 13/F, Block A, Sea View Estate, 2 Watson Road, North Point.

To view the AGM Agenda, please click here. For seat reservation, please email to
Volunteer Recruitment
FoE (HK) welcomes people from every background and sector to join us as volunteers.

We are now recruiting office volunteers to assist our clerical work including data entry, letter mailing and information arrangement.

Interested parties, please email us at
If you have any question or comment, please write to
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