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Renewable Energy Forum: Achievable & Affordable
In view of the need for local renewable energy, FoE (HK), Carbon Care Asia and the Open University of Hong Kong jointly organised the “Renewable Energy Forum: Achievable & Affordable” on 15 August 2016 to explore the feasible options of developing renewable energy in Hong Kong. Around a hundred people attended the forum, many of them are stakeholders from the Government, business and civil society, including Deputy Secretary for the Environment, Mr. Vincent Liu, Principal Assistant Secretary for the Environment, Ms. Dorothy Ma, and representatives of the power utilities and green NGOs.
The event has successfully demonstrated overwhelming evidence and support for a renewable energy target well above 10%. Through this event, we hope to urge the Government to respond positively to the Paris Agreement and to implement feed-in tariffs for the future 2018 Scheme of Control Agreement to drive local renewable energy generation and tackle climate change.
RTHK CIBS – “Earth COOL Living”
Partnered with Community Involvement Broadcasting Service (CIBS), FoE (HK)’s “Earth COOL Living” is a radio program with the aim to inform, educate and communicate to the public about the problems of Climate Change. The program consists of 13 episodes, each episode offers insight and fun facts to topics that each individual could make a difference to save the Earth by changing their knowledge, attitude and practices.

Broadcasting of “Earth COOL Living” has been finished on 4 October, 2016. We would like to thank all the guests and singers for their valuable contributions to make this radio program successfully completed.

Listen to archived episodes of “Earth COOL Living”, please click here.
COOL Corporate - COOL Talk Series (Urban Farming)
Thanks to all COOL Corporate members and participants for attending the second COOL Talk Series on 12 August 2016!

The speakers shared many successful cases and experiences on how to implement urban farming in local community & business organizations in view of corporate social responsibility.

Our next COOL Talk - Veggi COOLiving series will take place in October. Please stay tuned to our newsletters for ongoing updates.
COOL Outing - T ▪ PARK
COOL Outing - T.PARK was held by FoE (HK) on 27 August 2016. A visit to the first self-sufficient sludge treatment facility in Hong Kong was arranged for our COOL Corporates’ members and COOL Ambassadors. The trip not just enriched our understanding about “Waste to Energy”, “Desalination” and “Water Purification”, but also allowed us to enjoy a relaxing SPA at T.PARK.
Sons of Dongjiang
In July 2016, FoE (HK) organized the 15th Sons of Dongjiang Program, bringing 20 students from Hong Kong, Guangdong and Jiangxi to carry out an inspiring trip to the source of Dongjiang and other cities in Dongjiang Basin. Participants conducted water quality monitoring, developed eco tour guide of Dongjiang Source and conducted preliminary evaluation of the afforestation sites. A 3-day creative art lesson was jointly organized by FoE (HK) and “Shenzhen Charity Federation Duck Gaga Fund” for the children in Dongjiangyuan village.

We hope this journey can inspire our volunteers to ponder upon the true meaning of sustainable development – the balance among economic and social development and environmental conservation, and aspire to cherish and protect our beautiful nature.
“Eco Water Drifting at Liuxi River” kick off ceremony
On 25 September 2016 (World River Day), FoE(HK) and Pearl River United Action jointly organized the “Eco Water Drifting at Liuxi River” kick off ceremony in Guangzhou Conghua, to promote the importance of river conservation, recycling and waste reduction. On that day, we travelled by an eco-canoe made by plastic bottles and drifted along Conghua Da Jiang Li for around 3 km, to understand more about the river basins.
BEAM Plus Award Presentation Ceremony2016
On 9 August 2016, CEO of FoE (HK), Ms. Suzanne Cheung, was invited as the award presenter at BEAM Plus Awarded Presentation Ceremony 2016. The headquarters of the Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) is the first non-residential building in Hong Kong to be awared the Platinum rating, the highest rating under the BEAM Plus Final Assessment for Existing Buildings.

FoE (HK) would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Towngas on its outstanding achievement.

Repair and Upcycle Market
10 rounds of “2016 Repair and Upcycle Market” under “Green Delight in Estates” programme were successfully completed on 21 August 2016. Different kinds of workshops e.g. umbrella repairing, co-enzyme making and so on, were organized with the aim to encourage the residents to repair, reuse and remake the unwanted or damage items to reduce the waste at source. Through our workshops, we hope to raise public awareness about the importance of upcycling and sustainable lifestyle.
Clean Recycling Reward Scheme 2016
In June and July 2016, “Clean Recycling Reward Scheme 2016” was held in seven public estates, to promote the correct procedures of recycling plastic and glass bottles. With this program, 29,576 PET plastic bottles and 5,081 glass bottles were collected. Thank you for your support and participation. Let’s continue to go green!
Re-home Box Cover Design Competition
Organized by Hong Kong Housing Authority and co-organized by FoE (HK), “Re-home Box Cover Design Competition” has come to an end. 16 awarded designs were announced on FoE (HK)’s official website.
Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for your active participation!

Click here to check the awarded designs.

No Car Day 2016
"No Car Day 2016" was successfully held on 22 September 2016, more than 140 corporations and 370 individuals pledged to support the “No Car” movement. Thank you for your support! FoE (HK) had adopted trees on behalf of all supporting and participating organizations at the source of Dongjiang. E-certificates with unique identification number for the tree adopted will be issued to these organizations, to recognize their achievement in carbon-offsetting. Let's drive less and move for a healthier Hong Kong!
Acknowledgement of Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited Support.
Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited has always been a generous supporter of FoE (HK). In August 2016, Computershare donated HK$112,609 to FoE (HK) in support of the “Plant a Tree” program at Dongjiang river source.

We sincerely thank Computershare for its generous support and appreciate the company’s efforts on environmental sustainability via its services to the customers, particularly on paper-saving. FoE (HK) will continue to engage businesses to create a healthy and sustainable environment for all.

Acknowledgement of Maxim's Caterers Limited’s support.
In September 2016, Maxim's Caterers Limited donated HK$ 50,000 to FoE(HK). We sincerely thank for the generous donation and appreciate their support to reduce waste and promote sustainability through Eco-Pack Mooncakes.

Let’s keep up the efforts and celebrate the coming festive seasons in an environmentally-friendly way!
COOL Corporate Volunteer Engagement Programme - Collecting and Recycling of Unsold Fruits & Vegetable from Wet Market and Local Green Grocer
Partnering with Peoples' Council Social Service Association (PCSSA), the Voluntary Engagement Programme for collecting and recycling of unsold and edible Fruits & Vegetable from Wet Market and Local Green Grocer at To Kwa Wan was started at the end of September. The purpose of this voluntary recruitment is to engage the corporations, especially our COOL Corporate Members into corporate volunteer teams to provide assistance on collecting surplus fruits and vegetables, and redistribute them to the people in need. The rescued food will also be prepared as hot meals and be redistributed to serve the underprivileged communities. Through this program, corporate volunteers will learn about the food waste problems in Hong Kong and that the surplus food can benefit people in need.

For details, please refer to Programme Details and User guide on how to register online for volunteer recruitment under Social Career e-platofrm.

Enquiry :
Mr. Ringo Yu, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager
Email :
Consume Wisely to Conserve Our Biological Resources
Biological resources provide for our daily needs. Over-consumption of biological resources will lead to depletion and exhaustion. A public engagement on sustainable consumption of biological resources by The Council for Sustainable Development is now open for collecting public views on three major aspects:

- How to facilitate smart choices for consumers?
- How to promote best practices among businesses and the public sector?
- What kinds of education and publicity activities should be pursued?

You are welcome to contribute your opinions on or before 15 November 2016. The public engagement document and information on engagement events are available at the Council’s dedicated website (
Rural Life Experience Day
Every day we make choices in our lives that affect the environment. Learn how to live a more sustainable life a home, come join us at Sheung Shui countryside o experience life on the farm and step into the farmer’s boots for a day!.

• To learn home-planting techniques, create own handmade potted herbs (kind of herbs: depends on availability)
• To understand farmland resource circulation; experience farmer’s daily work, such as weeding, fertilizing etc.
• To enjoy time at countryside

Please click here for activity details. Limited seats are available on first-come-first-served basis, all COOL Ambassadors are welcome to join!
COOL Ambassador Program
The COOL Ambassador program is a platform for leaders to explore, discuss and take action from the environmental perspective, to create positive impacts on the society.

Our COOL Ambassadors play an important role in promoting and establishing environmentally sustainable lifestyle in Hong Kong.

To reward our COOL Ambassadors’ in making Hong Kong a greener city through sustainable actions, e-membership cards will be issued to our COOL Ambassadors and they are entitled to exclusive discounts on green products provided by our partners. It is time for us to establish low carbon lifestyle and plant for our green future!

Click here to register as our COOL Ambassador and view the exclusive benefits and special discounts.
Urban Innovationsationsr
FoE (HK) fully supports the series of “Urban Innovations‧Vienna” organized by the “European Union Academic Programme Hong Kong”. In this 4-month series of events commencing on October 2016, not only will you find over 500 interdisciplinary change-makers from European Cities and Hong Kong, but also be inspired by various pioneering ideas for solving urban problems!

Click here to find out more:
Water Conservation Week 2016
In support of “Climate Ready @ HK” Campaign , Water Supplies Department will organize "Water Conservation Week 2016" on 17-21 November 2016 to promote water conservation, establish water saving culture, and strengthen concerted efforts to overcome the challenge of climate change.

Date : 17-21 November 2016
Time : 10am-7pm
Venue : Jockey Club Innovation Tower, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Fee : Free admission

Enrollment of activities via Facebook Fanpage started on 3 October 2016. Please click here for details:
Volunteer Recruitment
FoE (HK) welcomes people from every background and sekctor to join us as volunteers.

We are now recruiting office volunteers to assist our clerical work including data entry, letter mailing and information arrangement.

Interested parties, please email us at
If you have any question or comment, please write to
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