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Response to the “Hong Kong 2030+: Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030”
Hong Kong has long positioned itself as “Asia’s World City”. To shape its long-term development strategy, the Government has launched a public engagement exercise for “Hong Kong 2030+: Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030”.

FoE (HK) has submitted our views on how Hong Kong can become a leader of health and sustainability. Our suggestions included pedestrian-prioritized development, green finance, circular economy, and more.

To read our full response, please click here.
Joint-Statement Opposing the Government’s Study of Building Houses on Fringes of Country Parks
The Government asked the Housing Society to study housing developing on the fringes of two country park sites. FoE(HK) co-issued a statement with 18 green groups opposing such study and expressed our demand to saving our country parks on 19 May 2017. Ms. Suzanne Cheung, CEO of FoE(HK) said most people agreed that green belts nearby country parks should not be used for developments, based on FoE(HK)’s public opinion survey for “Public Consultation on Hong Kong 2030+”. The Government was "making itself an enemy of the people" by pushing forward with the plan. We urged the Government to develop brownfield sites first.
Round Table on Global Climate Change and Energy Policies
The “Round Table on Global Climate Change and Energy Policies”, co-organized by The Earth Academy of Friends of the Earth (HK) and the University of Hong Kong, was successfully held on 17 May. The Round Table gathered over 30 local and foreign business leaders, academics and policy makers to share knowledge of climate change and energy policies, and give insights into developing relevant initiatives in Hong Kong. FoE(HK) will continue fostering dialogue and collaboration on issues of climate change and energy, and to provide new ideas in developing sustainable cities.
Mascot Design Wanted!
Are you a design professional? Or an environmental ambassador? No matter who you are, you are now invited to join the Mascot Design Contest for our “Jockey Club COOL Neighbours for Energy Saving” programme.

Champion’s prize worth HKD 15,000.
Deadline for submission is 6th June,2017.

Programme introduction: In order to encourage energy-saving at home, FoE(HK) will launch a 2-year programme named “Jockey Club COOL Neighbours for Energy Saving” with great prizes later this year. Before it kicks start, we would like to invite you to design a mascot for the publicity of this programme. The design will be used in our promotion materials such as newspaper, online platforms and exhibition.

Please click here for the details and enrollment.
Solar Model Car Mini Olympics of Primary Schools
Sponsored by the Hang Seng Bank; organized by 5 secondary schools and co-organized by FoE(HK), the “Power Smart Energy Saving Contest 2016 - Solar Model Car Mini Olympics of Primary Schools" had been launched.

This community-based environmental education activity aimed to raise students’ environmental awareness (especially toward renewable energy), sense of responsibility and communication skills. The event also promoted energy-saving lifestyles to the community.

The 5 secondary schools had invited primary school teams to compete solar model car Mini Olympics. Primary school students had assembled solar model cars followed by four races, including soccer, curling, weight lifting and orienteering. Participants had tried their best in showcasing unity and cooperation, making the competition a success one.
Eat Smartly Award Scheme 2017
“Eat Smartly Award Scheme 2017” has entered its final stage. In order to spread out the messages more effectively to the residents, a new promotion scheme had been carried out in May. During the new promotion period, residents could enter races in getting either vacuum insulated bottle or food jar if they supported one of the “Eat Smartly” Actions.

The promotion gained much popularity and the participation rate far exceeded expectations. We hope that residents could sustain the “Eat Smartly” Actions after the scheme.
Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance
FoE(HK) is one of the supporting organizations of Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance. Ms. Suzanne Cheung, CEO of FoE(HK) was invited to join the launching ceremony by the Hong Kong Green Building Council on 11 May. The Alliance aims to build an effective platform that supports mall operators and shop tenants to work together to create a sustainable shopping environment.
Media Review Report on Dongjiang Water Conservation
Dongjiang (East River) supplies about 75% of fresh water consumption to Hong Kong. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the handover, Xinhua News Agency Hong Kong Branch invited FoE(HK) to produce a media report on interaction between Hong Kong people and Dongjiang. Ms. Mei Ng, Governor of FoE (HK) joined the media crew to Xunwu and introduced the charity work FoE (HK) done for Dongjiang water conservation since 2009. The media crew and Mei visited the source of Dongjiang at Xunwu County in Jiangxi Province, planting sites under the “Plant a Tree” project, eco toilets Subsidy installed for villagers and youth environmental education centre. The trip records the work done on video, and shared the joint effort of generous donors from Hong Kong, FoE (HK) colleagues, local government and villagers in preserving and conserving the waters of Dongjiang. Stay in tune!
Volunteer Recruitment
FoE (HK) welcomes people from every background and sector to join us as volunteers.

We are now recruiting office volunteers to assist our clerical work including data entry, letter mailing and information arrangement.

Interested parties, please email us at
If you have any question or comment, please write to
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