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Babies Protest to the Transport and Housing Bureau Stroller March on 8th November

The street level air pollution is closely related to vehicle emissions. The filters fitted inside the roadside air quality detectors turn filthy black within a day. FoE (HK) presented a wreath inscribed with the word "Lung" to the Transport and Housing Bureau as an act of irony on behalf of public victims to award the Bureau its laurels of inaction. FoE (HK) will also mobilize parents in Hong Kong to have a stroller march on 8th November to urge the Environment Bureau and the Transport and Housing Bureau for implementing effective air pollution control measures to prevent babies from inhaling disgusting air.

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An Open Letter
to the Director of Environmental Protection, EPD

Objection to the EIA reports for Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Link Road; Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities; and Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Link


Last call for "Power Smart" 2009

For any residences, companies or property management firms, if your electricity consumption between 1st July and 28th September this year is less than that of 2008, please let us know. Enroll online and contend for different prizes. Deadline for bills submission is 30th November 2009. Your support is crucial to tackle climate change.

Bureau Secretary for
Transport invited to a day's life as a street newspaper vendor Improve roadside air quality now

Roadside air pollution is severe in Hong Kong. Street-workers become the victims and suffer heavily. FoE (HK)'s study found 42% of the interviewed newspaper vendors on Nathan Road suffered from allergic rhinitis and bronchitis due to chronic exposure to air pollution. Bus emission is given as a cause by 89% of the interviewees. FoE (HK) has written to the bureau secretary, Eva Cheng, inviting her to sit by the roadside for one day to experience the suffering of a street newspaper vendor. We also implored the government to reduce the number of overlapping bus routes of heavy traffic areas, promptly replace pre-Euro and Euro I diesel vehicles including franchised buses, and designate low-emission zones to safeguard the public health.

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Waste climbs to the highest level in a decade

FoE (HK) reviewed the local waste figures over the past 10 years, revealing that the total municipal waste reached a historical level of 6.6 million tonnes in 2008, a 5.6% increase compared to 2007. Waste disposed from commercial and industrial sectors has risen significantly by 10%. Time is running short for tackling the waste problems. The government still ignores its promise to reduce 1% municipal waste each year, and instead persuades society to extend the three landfill sites and construct an incinerator, which are costly ways to tackle waste problems at pipe-end. FoE (HK) urges the government to bring "Waste Reduction at Source" into force. Legislation on Producer Responsibility, e.g. waste charging, restraining e-waste and beverage containers, should be launched as soon as possible. At the same time, implementation of recycling schemes for food waste is necessary.

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Waste policy between Hong Kong and Shanghai



A reduction on plastic bag usage after two-months levy (Chinese)

Plastic Bag Levy Survey Result -
1st and 2nd Phase (Chinese)

Green rennovation: plastic bag levy on its first day in Hong Kong (Chinese)

Mooncake Box Recycling Programme 2009

FoE (HK) continues to encourage the public to recycle Mooncake boxes as a way of reducing festival waste.

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Eco Fashion and River Partner
Cool, Green, Chic

Belts made by soft drink can ring pulls, briefcase made by old car tires, handbags made by recycled banners, purse weaved from candy wrapshelp... JFT Flagship Store in Causeway Bay (108 - 120 Percival Street), the new fashion hotspot in Hong Kong, join as FoE(HK) "Dongjiang River Partner", to raise fashion shopper green awareness as well as raise donations to protect the Dongjiang River origin. From 13th October 2009, JFT invites shoppers and customers to "Name Your Tree", by pledging donations of HK$100 to adopt a birthday tree, wedding tree, newly-born tree and Christmas tree as gifts for oneself and friends.


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Volunteer recruitment for"Green Delight in Estates"

Invitation to the "Green Delight in Estates" Nature in Estates Photo Competition


  FoE (HK) Membership Survey 2009

To better understand the extend of concern by FoE (HK) members in relation to our work and the environmental issues, we have gathered the comments from members via an e-Survey. Each of your replies is truly appreciated. Your support and advice will help us to evaluate our progress and guide for better achievements. A comprehensive report is developed for your information.

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  Volunteer recruitment for Autumn activities

(1) Woodland conservation
(2) Chung Yeung hillfire prevention team

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  Sponsorship for Tree-planting Programme

FoE (HK) is inviting corporate and service provider sponsorships for our various tree-planting programmes in Spring 2010. Interested parties, please contact us at project@foe.org.hk, or 2528-5588 for further information.

Solar car frame: Freebies for schools

Twelve remnant 1m by 2m cart frames, excluding solar panels, from FoE (HK)'s previous Solar Cart Race are now offered to schools for educational purposes. Self pick-up is required. Second-hand panels are available for purchase at cost. Interested schools, please email to project@foe.org.hk for further enquiry.

Wanted: Single-Sided Paper

FoE (HK) welcomes donations of single-sided (one side used only) paper. Deliveries can be made to our office located in Wan Chai. Interested parties, please contact Ms. Denise Kwok by email foehk@foe.org.hk or on phone 2528 5588. Thank you very much.


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