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High Air Pollution Index (API) affects the public health especially the young generations.

FoE (HK) organized the first "Baby Stroller March" on 8th November. Participants including parents and their children hanging banners written "Baby outside car". The March began at Edinburgh Place, passed by the Central Roadside Air Quality Monitoring Station, to try to understand the severe air pollution recorded continuously in the district. The procession arrived at the Government Secretariat to present the petition letter and hang up message cards to urge the government to combat air pollution.

FoE (HK) appeals the public to grasp the last opportunity to urge the government to improve the air quality by responding to the online action initiated by FoE (HK) before end of November, it is the deadline of the Air Quality Objectives Review being conducted by the HKSAR government.

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Change in materialistic attitude could reduce
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No More Polluting Vessels A Green Port
for Guangdong and Hong Kong


"Power Smart" energy saving contest 2009

The Contest is entering a final
stage. The energy saving efforts are reflected in this interactive map. Please submit your bills before 30th November
join hands to break the record. Results will
be announced
on 13th December.


Hong Kong people have the highest number of mobile phones per person in the world. The youngsters also used to change their mobile phone frequently.

FoE (HK) revealed that the evolution of mobile phones from a necessity to a short-lived fashion commodity was driven by manufacturers' greed to expand market shares. The ever-changing outlook and functions were made to get users hooked. FoE (HK) urges the government to speed up the enactment of the electronic product responsibility ordinance in 2010 to place the responsibility of reducing and processing e-waste on producers.

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Expert suggests users
to pay attention on maintaining their mobile phones, which become muti-functional but less durable.


Do you notice your mobile phone is crying for your help? Get the free download of our funky ringtones. Please listen to what they want to say!

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Smart Flushing

FoE (HK) conducted a survey and reported on the World Toilet Day on 19th November, revealing over 90% of the surveyed toilets in Hong Kong did not have water saving devices such as the big and small flush options. FoE (HK) also conducted a web-based public awareness survey and found that 80% of those surveyed were aware of the big and small flush options in public toilets. Disappointingly, they were denied the opportunity to exercise their water-saving options. FoE (HK) opined that the HKSAR Government could do more to promote and install water saving public conveniences so as to enhance Hong Kong public's water saving habits and enable public participation in conserving precious water resources by making "smart flushing" choices.

FoE(HK) is ready to work with Hong Kong Water Supplies Department (WSD) to raise public water awareness, to promote water conservation, to publicize water saving labeling.

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『Name Your Tree』
A Christmas Gift without Expiration Day "Name Your Tree" for Christmas





A failed Policy Address

FoE (HK) is not disappointed at the government's environmental protection commitment in the Policy Address because we never have expectations. We are just worried that Donald Tsang may stay disengaged for his last two years in office watching Hong Kong wobble to the ground.

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FoE's response to Government's proposal of distributing cash
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Volunteer recruitment for"Green Delight in Estates" (Chinese)


Volunteer recruitment for Woodland Conservation Activity on 12 December (Sat) (Chinese)


Sponsorship for Tree-planting Programme

FoE(HK) is now inviting corporate and in-kind sponsorships for our various tree-planting programmes in Spring 2010. Welcome advertisements, souvenirs, food & beverage and environmental-friendly services and products sponsors. Interested corporations or service providers please contact us at
or 2528 5588 for further information.



Low Carbon Life - Eco Stair Steps

Elevators use a lot of energy, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted is also high. An average of 0.218 kg of carbon dioxide is emitted for each floor taken. For those who live on lower floors or are trapped in their office cubicles every day. One should take every available opportunity for a walk. Not only will less carbon dioxide be emitted, your body will also benefit.

Full article




Old clothes donation to victims in Philippines

In order to support disaster relief brought by one of the most destructive catastrophes, Typhoons Ketsana and Parma hitting Southeast Asia earlier this year, FoE (HK) conducted a donation programme to help people particularly in desperate need of food and clothes amongst over 10 millions victims, through an officially registered charity "Alliance for Progress and Unity, Inc" (APU) in Philippines.

Total 895kgs in nine jumbo boxes of various clothing items were dispatched on 18th October, together with nine boxes of noodles, three boxes of canned fish and three boxes of canned beans, all contributed by a local group "Charitable Action Foundation Limited", in response to the donation appeal.

The donation is part of FoE (HK)'s Used Clothes Recycling Programme which aims to alleviate the sufferings of those under-privileged families in the Philippines whom cannot even meet their basic needs.




Low Carbon Christmas Lightings - Best Use of Solar and Human Power

FoE (HK) recently supported Towngas to setup a low carbon Christmas lightings at Tsim Sha Tsui by lending 18 pieces of solar PV panels to provide electricity for the lights. Christmas in Hong Kong is usually shinning with different seasonal lightings but this will consume large amount of electricity and generate huge carbon emissions. The Christmas lightings designed by Towngas this time are powered by solar energy and human cycling, that reduces carbon emissions. We welcome FoE members to join the "light-up" riding. Details are as follows:

Date: 24th Nov - end Dec 2009
Venue: New World Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui
Time: Mon-Fri (12noon - 3pm; 6 - 11pm);
         Weekend (11am - 11pm)




Free "Light Pollution" book for high schools

FoE (HK) is pleased to offer free "Light Pollution" book to high schools allowing more students to gain an in-depth understanding on light pollution through real cases. Interested members please mail an envelope with $4.4 stamp to our new office address: Unit 1301-1302, 13/F, Block A, Sea View Estate, 2 Watson Road, Hong Kong. Each school can apply for ONE copy. The deadline is 20th Dec 2009 (based on postmark).

For enquiries, please email to szeling@foe.org.hkor contact Ms. Cheng at 3184 1505.




Office relocation

FoE(HK) is pleased to inform you that in line with the expansion plans the office is now relocated to the following new address effective 11th November 2009.

Room 1301-1302, 13/F, Block A, Sea View Estate, 2 Watson Road, Hong Kong

Telephone (852) 2528 5588, Fax (852) 2529 2777 and all email addresses remain unchanged.


If you have any questions or comments , please write to join@foe.org.hk
Tel: (852) 2528-5588 eFax: (852) 2529-2777 Friends of the Earth (HK) www.foe.org.hk

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