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We welcome all housing estates, property management groups, schools, corporations and other organizations to participate in the “Used Clothes Recycling Programme”

All kinds of used clothes, new clothes, shoes, bags and towels could be dropped into the used clothes recycling banks. We also collect CDs & Printer Cartridges.

1.Set up permanent recycling bank
We offer recycling banks and provide logistic support for the collection of used clothes. The frequency of truck collection would depend on the amount of recyclables in the bank. On average, the collection truck goes twice a week maximum. FoE(HK) pays for the third-party and fire insurances for all recycling banks.
2. Short-term cooperation
If permanent placement of recycling banks does not fit in with your plan, you may also consider a short-term recycling programme of a few weeks to be managed on site. FoE (HK) will send trucks to take the collection at the end of the programme.

How to participate:
If you want to join either permanent or short-term programme, please download the application form and return to us via recycling@foe.org.hk or fax 2529-2777. It takes around 1 to 2 weeks for us to respond.
Application Form:
Short Term Event

Scheme Poster

Status Report:
We would send the monthly report to the participating housing estates/ organizations or groups by fax or email. Certificates will be sent to permanent participants to acknowledge their participation at the beginning of the year.