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The ‘365 Challenge’

Redress, a green fashion NGO, launched the ‘365 Challenge’ – an one-year secondhand clothing challenge in 2013, in collaboration with Friends of the Earth (HK). Christina Dean, Founder of Redress wore 100% dumped, discarded or donated secondhand clothes to promote the ‘Redress it, don’t bin it’ concept. Every day, Christina wore secondhand clothes, sourced with support of Friends of the Earth (HK) and styled by 12 illustrious fashion stylists, in order to showcase 365 inspiring ways to keep clothing waste out of landfill and in the fashion loopill.

The challenge provided consumers with tricks of the trade to prolong their clothing’s lifespan in order to avoid landfilling functional and fashionable clothes. Along the way, it raised awareness about our high clothing waste rates to rattle consumers’ wardrobes and consciousness.

Redress ‘365 Challenge’ Official site
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