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Community Used Clothes Recycling Bank Scheme - Hong Kong Island and Islands District

Districts of Collection points:
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"Community Used Clothes Recycling Bank Scheme" is a community participation scheme (the Scheme) launched by the Home Affairs Department. The Scheme facilitates the public to donate used clothes in support of environmental protection and charities.

Scheme Details
The Scheme is a partnership programme among non-governmental organizations including Friends of the Earth (HK) and the Government and District Councils. Suitable sites were identified by District Officers for placing old clothes recycling banks. These sites include entrances of community halls/community centres, sitting-out areas, parks, sports centers, libraries, and, with the agreement of owners' corporations/property management agents, common areas of private buildings/commercial centers. Furthermore, FoE(HK) pays for the third-party and fire insurances for all recycling banks.

Community Used Clothes Recycling Bank Scheme - Hong Kong Island and Islands District
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Central & Western District

  1. King George V Memorial Park, junction of High Street and Eastern Street, Hong Kong
  2. Kwong Hon Terrace Garden, Opposite 41, Aberdeen Street, Sheung Wan
  3. Embankment at Western Fire Services Street, Sheung Wan (Outside Central Sewage Srceening Plant
  4. Belcher Bay Park, 38, Praya Kennedy Town (At entrance near Praya Kennedy Town)
  5. At corner within the SOA area at the junction of Water Street and Connaught Road West - *Temporarily out of service due to road renovation
  6. Western District Community Centre, 36A Western Street, Sai Ying Pun
  7. Sai Ying Pun Community Hall, Sai Ying Pun Community Complex, 2 High Street, Sai Ying Pun (Next to a staircase landing on L/G floor)
  8. Ground Floor Shopping Centre of Kwan Yick Building Phase I, No. 430-440, Des Voeux Road West, Sheung Wan
  9. Jocky Club Student Village I, University of Hong Kong - between Starr Hall and Ho Tim Hall
  10. Mid-level escalator, Central (Near Vantage Park, 22 Conduct Road)
  11. Mid-level escalator, Central (Near the exit of Robinson Road)
  12. Junction of Caine Road and Seymour Road, Caine Road Garden, Mid Level
  13. Hollywood Road Park, Sheung Wan (Near the washroom)
  14. Kennedy Town Municipal Services Building, Sai Wan (Rock Hill Road)
  15. Embankment outside Kennedy Town Temporary Recreation Ground, Kennedy Town

Wan Chai District

  1. Tai Wong Street East Amenity Area, Wanchai
  2. Southorn Playground, Johnston Road, Wanchai
  3. Tung Lo Wan Garden, Junction of Gloucester Road and Clevland Street, Causeway Bay (Next to oil station)
  4. Wan Chai District Arts, Cultural, Recreational and Sports Association, Moreton Terrace, Face to Hong Kong Central Library, Causeway Road (Near Central Library)
  5. Wun Sha Street Children's Playground (next to entrance of the Playground)
  6. Sing Woo Road Rest Garden, Happy Valley(near to bus terminal and tram terminal)
  7. Wanchai Park
  8. Morrison Hill Road Playground (Opposite of Morrison Hill post office and Morrison Hill swimming pool)
  9. Rest garden of junction of Chun Fai Road and Tai Hang Drive, Jardine's Lookout (Opposite to Park Garden)
  10. Perkins Road rest garden, Jardine's Lookout (Opposite of Perkins Road's oil station and Perkins Road Dairy Farm shopping mall)
  11. Kwong Ming Street, Wan Chai (Behind the Kwong Ming Street Playground)
  12. Watson Road Rest Garden (Next to Victoria Centre Block 1)

Eastern District

  1. Aldrich Entrance of Choi Sai Woo Park, Braemar Hill, North Point
  2. Quarry Bay Community Hall, G/F, Quarry Bay Community Complex, 1 Greig Road, Quarry Bay
  3. Hong Cheung Street Entrance of Quarry Bay Park (near Tsui Woo Terrace, Taikoo Shing)
  4. Westlands Road Entrance of Quarry Bay Park (near Exit E1)
  5. Sai Wan Ho Playground (Behind the Pumping Station and next to Korean International School)
  6. Aldrich Bay Park, Shau Kei Wan (Entrance of Oi Shun Road)
  7. Entrance of Siu Sai Wan Promenade
  8. The playground near The Chinese Foundation Secondary School, Siu Sai Wan)
  9. Shau Kei Wan Road children's playground group (Below the Aldrich Street's flyover), Shau Kei Wan
  10. Aldrich Bay Community Hall, G/F, Oi Po House, Oi Tung Estate, Shau Kei Wan
  11. Entrance of Chai Wan Sports Centre
  12. Gate 8 of Victoria Park (near three-coloured waste separation bins)
  13. King's Road Playground, North Point (Near A roller skating rink)

Southern District

  1. Lobby at G/F, Aberdeen Tennis & Squash Centre, 1 Aberdeen Praya Road, Aberdeen
  2. Lobby at G/F, Ap Lei Chau Municipal Services Building, 8 Hung Shing Street, Ap Lei Chau
  3. Outside Ap Lei Chau (West Estate) Community Hall
  4. Leung Ma House, Ma Hang Estate, Cape Road, Stanley
  5. Open space near the entrance of Pao Yue Kong Swimming Pool, 2 Shum Wan Road, Wong Chuk Hang
  6. South Horizons Neighbourhood Community Centre, Ap Lei Chau
  7. Management Office, Block C, G/F, Mei Fai House, Yue Fai Court, Aberdeen
  8. Between Block 21 and Block 22, Upper Baguio Villa*
  9. Platform, Block 45 - 48, Lower Baguio Villa*
  10. Rest Garden in Beach Road, Repulse Bay (Under Petrol Station
  11. South Bay Road Garden, Junction of South Bay Road and South Bay Close, Repulse Bay

Island District

  1. G/F, Mui Wo Municipal Services Building nearby car park
  2. Cheung Chau Municipal Services Building (near entrance of Cheung Chau Market facing Tai Hing Tai Road)
  3. Tennis Court, Cheung Chau Park
  4. Peng Chau Sports Centre
  5. Rear lane of Tai O Tai Ping Street
  6. Near to police post of Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island
  7. G/F U-turn Point of Car Parking Area, Fu Tung Shopping Centre, Tung Chung

*Only for the estate’s residents.